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Addressing frontline worker needs through the City of Tucson’s digital workplace

For this Technology Insights session we will be joined by Igloo along with the City of Tucson.

Join us as they take us on a digital transformation journey, which has involved moving from a legacy intranet system and consolidating resources, while at the same time addressing key challenges for multiple municipal business units including frontline services such as Police, Fire and Sanitation.

Why attend?

  • Follow along with City of Tucson’s journey from a Drupal legacy application to its Igloo digital workplace.
  • Realize the value of thoughtful content curation and soliciting material from content owners.
  • Look at some innovative ways in which City of Tucson are using out-of-the-box features to support its members and make information easy to find as well as relevant.
  • Get insights into lessons learned and tips on governance and administration.

Telling the story alongside DWG and Igloo will be Kim Beth-Roebuck, who strategically wrangles content and content management systems for the City of Tucson. Working with a small team, Kim has shaped the City of Tucson website and Igloo intranet through data and analytics, content strategy, user testing and feedback.

Proud of her public service, Kim helps the City of Tucson to maintain a focus on continuously improving citizen and employee experience, and has spoken on web design, user experience testing and the importance of STEM at conferences in San Francisco, Las Vegas and Southern Arizona.

Please note that this session is open to practitioners only.

Event date: Tuesday October 24, 2023

Event time: For one hour from 08.00 PDT / 11.00 EDT / 16.00 BST / 17.00 CEST

How to join: Technology Insights sessions are held online via MS Teams – upon registration, you will be sent a link to join the session.

Please note that this session is open to practitioners only.

Technology Insights (TI) are interactive online sessions where DWG members and guests learn from and about technology providers in a safe, non-sales environment designed to build trust and understanding. They focus on timely topics related to digital workplace technology, often aligned with ongoing DWG research. Technology Insights amplify the voice of the practitioner by providing direct feedback from attendees to participating providers.

Please note that Technology Insight sessions are open to practitioners only.

Please note that this session is open to practitioners only.

Please complete your registration via our Eventbrite page.

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