DWG’s top 10 articles of 2016

January 30, 2017

In 2016 we published more than 50 articles across our expert blog and news channel. And while we’re not obsessed with clicks and eyeballs, it’s interesting to see what resonated. Listed below are our 10 most popular articles (in no particular order) based on visits to the website.

Looking at the list it’s clear that you were curious about digital workplace strategy, maturity and governance, as well as interested in the effect of new tech such as Workplace by Facebook. We’ll use this to shape our content strategy for 2017. We’re also thrilled that our Digital Workplace Impact podcast, first released back in November, has been so well received.

The Top Ten

1. My 10 digital workplace predictions for 2017

Paul Miller’s “predictions email” is a must read for anyone serious about the digital workplace. Find out his predictions on AI (artificial intelligence), leadership (sometimes intelligent) and digital literacy, among many other things.



2. Six success factors for a personalized intranet
The personalized intranet cover151x214

DWG’s newly appointed Director of Knowledge Shimrit Janes stepped into the ring to discuss the six success factors any personalized intranet must have – such as audience needs, content strategy, managed metadata, and so on. Take a read…



3. Workplace by Facebook is rocket fuel for the digital workplace

Paul Miller considers an intriguing idea: What if the Facebook workplace service has as big an impact on “work” as it has had on “life”? Read how Workplace by Facebook is taking the industry by storm.



4. Bringing your whole self to work (podcast episode 1)

We launched our first ever podcast, called “Digital Workplace Impact”, in November. With Paul Miller as the host, this relaxed podcast’s mission is to investigate and explore the ideas, practices and people impacting the new digital worlds of work. Take a listen to the first episode, all about “bringing your whole self to work”.


5. Five ways to move forward with digital workplace governance

Front cover from Digital Workplace GovernanceFor anybody wanting to advance their digital workplace, establishing some governance is essential. Research and Knowledge Lead, Steve Bynghall, explains why it is important to have the right processes, structures and rules in place to underpin and drive a better, more effective and consistent user experience of your digital ecosystem.


6. Which of these 8 definitions of “digital workplace” works best for you?

If you look at the Google Trends analysis for the term “digital workplace”, you’ll see that the term is reaching a break-out moment. For a few years it lingered in obscurity among the thought leaders most interested in describing the future of workplace technology. But, since the beginning of 2013, usage has been on a rapidupswing. In this article Ephraim Freed looks at what it really means.

7. Six things Digital Workplace Group has learnt about digital workplace maturity

How mature is your digital workplace cover215x177One of the fascinating things about an emergent theme such as the digital workplace is that we’re all still collectively learning. Organizations and teams are continually trying out new approaches, or applying innovative twists to more established practices around designing, delivering and managing the digital workplace. Here Steve Bynghall discusses six things we’ve learnt about digital workplace maturity.

8. A checklist for your digital workplace roadmap

Front cover from Digital Workplace RoadmapsDWG Consultant and Lead Benchmarker Chris Tubb wrote that intranet success starts with strategy and governance – and we have found this to be even more true for the digital workplace. How so? Read this article to find out.


9. How ideation is evolving in the digital workplace

An ideation programme, process or initiative can be a fantastic way to surface some very smart ideas from your employees. If an employee’s brainwave is implemented as a project, it can deliver great value through cost savings, improved client service and the introduction of new offerings.



10. 5 ways digital experiences are re-shaping Internal Communications

front cover for The changing role of Internal Comms reportThe IC profession has reshaped itself in response to business changes, new technology and social forces. What’s clear is that digital experiences will become VITAL within Internal Communications. DWG Content Producer Beth Gleba predicts that digital will shape how companies talk both to and with employees, and that digital will shape how work happens. If you work in IC, this is a must read.


Looking at the list, it’s been quite a year! The only one constant is change (as they say) and we expect the pace of change in 2017 to be even faster.

We hope you found our top 10 list interesting – if you have something specific you’d like us to write about (or perhaps write yourself) please drop us a comment below.

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