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Episode: 67

A Manifesto for the Decade of Courage

A Manifesto for the Decade of Courage

“The positive part of COVID is the tremendous resilience and a collective sense of being, which has been legitimized by going through a shared difficult experience. Now, how do we retain the good of it and use it to be able to navigate digital transformation in a meaningful way?”

– Manisha Singh, Schneider Electric

“What really jumped out to me was the empathy for the individual, you know, alongside those bigger picture, transformational things about the location, the patterns of travel and all of that, but just bringing it back to the human.”

– James Robertson, Step Two

As a response to COVID-19, DWG set out a powerful manifesto that seeks to look beyond the pandemic and explore how you can adapt your organization to suit global trends. It outlines 12 guiding principles for essential workplace transformation.

In this episode, Paul Miller is joined by James Robertson, a global thought leader on digital employee experience, digital workplaces and intranets, and Manisha Singh, a futurist, digital transformation and analytics leader, who share their reactions to the manifesto and reflect on how its action points will apply to workplaces.

Together they discuss how the digital workplace has become the essential workplace, exchange recent experiences from around the world, and agree how giving employees “voice and agency” is the way forward.

Show notes, links and resources for this episode:

Podcast transcription

Download DWG’s Decade of Courage Manifesto for free

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James Robertson, Founder and Managing Director, Step Two

James Robertson has 20 years’ experience in the field and has been a thought leader on intranets and digital workplaces throughout this time. He’s the author of three books, including “Essential intranets” and “Designing intranets”. The methodologies he’s helped to create have been used by teams around the globe. As the managing director of Step Two, a vendor-neutral consultancy headquartered in Sydney, Australia, he’s worked with a huge range of clients around the world.

At present, James is also the originator of the new global movement around “digital employee experience” (DEX). This takes a strategic view on how to best support employee needs, and puts human considerations front-and-centre. DEX provides a vision for senior leaders, as well as a framework for practical projects and methodologies. Before COVID, James flew around the world to spread the word on DEX.

Manisha Singh, Global Director, Digital HR and People Analytics, Schneider Electric

Manisha Singh works on enabling the People Strategy through digital HR transformation. She and her team have worked on: Employee Experience Vision, Open Talent Market, Digital Learning Transformation, Robotics and AI strategy in HR. Working at the intersection of people, process and technology, she is getting the HR “Future of Work” ready to build sustainable businesses.

In her 18-year career, Manisha has held global leadership roles in managing: Strategic Initiatives, Corporate Transformation, HR Strategy and Talent Management. She has led cross-functional teams across geographies and diverse businesses. She loves being at the edge, inventing futuristic operating models, building an innovative and fair workplace, and unleashing the growth potential within individuals and organizations.

Manisha is a systems thinker and futurist, who believes that HR is the conscience keeper of the business and that the future is human! She supports the MIT office of digital learning and MT Work of Future group in an advisory capacity.

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