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Focused on data before it was “big”

“Big data” is big news these days. But the Digital Workplace Group has been providing independent research and objective data to large companies for over a decade.

Through our benchmarking-based DWG Member Forum, formerly known as the Intranet Benchmarking Forum (IBF), we have been evaluating large organizations’ intranets since 2002. From that time forward our sophisticated, proprietary benchmarking evaluation model has continuously adapted to new intranet features, such as online collaboration.

Our Member Forum research programme provides six new reports each year, plus a large library of existing material. We select our annual research topics based on the most pressing concerns of member companies.

Consulting work rooted in research pedigree

Our 11+ years of benchmarking and research provide the foundation for our consulting work.

Our mantra is “data and metrics in a world opinion”. Our insights across intranet, collaboration, mobile and the wider digital workplace are world renowned.

Our clients rely on it as a basis for decision-making, a source of ideas, as well as the basis for powerful interactions and knowledge sharing.

From user observation to research into what other companies in an industry are doing, our focus on data and real world examples keeps our consulting work relevant and useful.

Browse our consulting case studies to read about our research in action.

Overview of services

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