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Organizations are investing huge sums in their digital working – intranets, unified communications, social media, micro-blogging, self-service, HR, on-boarding tools smartphone and tablet provision – and being asked to spend more. But what is the state of your Digital Workplace right now – where are the strengths and weaknesses? If you improve, what will you measure progress against?

We have developed (through work with Microsoft, IBM, KPMG, Citi, Johnson & Johnson and Fujitsu) an industry first: a seven-point framework to map and measure the performance of an organizations’ Digital Workplace.

Digital Workplace Mapping

Deployed through a facilitated workshop, this new mapping and measurement process has a range of outcomes:

  • Provides a baseline view of your organization’s Digital Workplace capabilities relative to industry standards
  • Shows how well your company, or business unit, or region is performing in its Digital Workplace through an objective assessment
  • Offers a feedback tool for developing future strategy for the Digital Workplace based on precise recommendations on how to improve
  • Informs investment decisions and operating practices that impact Digital Workplace efficiencies across the enterprise
  • Reveals discoveries about the Digital Workplace that enable stakeholders to unlock business value for key business units or for the company overall
  • Provides a basis for comparing your performance with other organizations or other parts of your own organization

… enabling you to understand how your Digital Workplace is functioning – and develop a vision of where it should be in the future.

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