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We’ve launched a “mobile intranets” board on Pinterest with a variety of excellent screenshots. If you have a mobile intranet, submit a screenshot to the “mobile” track of My Beautiful Intranet 2014.

My Beautiful Intranet 2014 goes mobile!

Does your intranet feature a responsive design?

Have you launched mobile apps for employees?Enter contest

Enter your mobile intranet site or app to the “mobile” track of My Beautiful Intranet 2014.

Besides the acclaim and internet fame, you could win a rich prize package for your whole team.

Competition entries are due by Friday, May 16th, but you’ll want to get yours in ASAP to start winning votes.

If you’d like to learn more, read about prizes, rules and contest terms.

DWG launches “mobile intranet” Pinterest board

DWG Pinterest mobile intranet screenshotsRunning a competition to find the best designed mobile intranet seemed like a good time to launch our “mobile intranet” board on Pinterest, which has 37 mobile intranet screenshots for starters.

Follow DWG on Pinterest or our “mobile intranets” board to see fresh intranet screenshots from around the web. We’ll continue updating our Pinterest boards on an ongoing basis.

On the DWG Pinterest site you can also find boards for My Beautiful Intranet 2014, plus the 2012 and 2011 versions of the contest; intranet and digital workplace related books and research reports; our new mobile intranet board; and many more boards to come.

Sharon O’Dea (@SharonODea on Twitter) has put together excellent collections on Pinterest as well, including an Intranets board and an Ugly Intranets board.

Sharon’s expertise and interest in intranets, including her great work on Pinterest and contributions to the Intranetizen blog, are why we’ve brought her on as one of the judges for My Beautiful Intranet 2014.

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Success with enterprise mobile – how tools for frontline employees drive value

Success with enterprise mobileEnterprise mobility can be a game-changer for large organizations. But the focus thus far has been on tools that office-based knowledge workers can take on the go.

The detailed case studies and analysis in this report show that true value lies in tools for frontline workers on the factory floor, in retail outlets or out in the field.

Download the free executive summary »

DWG members can download the full report on the DWG member extranet.

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