15 reasons to book your Digital Workplace 24 ticket

February 6, 2019 Updated: July 28, 2022

If you haven’t already heard, Digital Workplace 24 (DW24) is a 24-hour festival of digital workplace insights, live tours and expert guidance. It’s aimed to help our community around the world come together virtually in one place, to learn from each other, connect, and help shape the future of work.

There really is nothing else like it, so share details of DW24 with your colleagues and peers. If there are particular stakeholders you’re looking to engage in your programme, or if you know of others in your network who would be interested, this is a great opportunity to reach out to them.

And if you need more convincing, here are 15 reasons to book your ticket.

1. It’s online and easy to join

2. See live into some of the world’s best digital workplaces

Just book your ticket and log in from 10:00 GMT on February 26. It’s that simple. We’ll email you everything you need to know a few days before.

DW24 gives you the unique opportunity to take a look behind the scenes at some of the world’s leading organizations – where else could you see so many digital workplaces in one place?

Get a sneak preview into some of our studio guests by listening to our DW24 Unplugged episodes.

Paul chats to Christy Season Punch, Product Manager at Wells Fargo and Dan Ranta, KM Lead at GE, about their proudest moments, their perfect day and what excites them about appearing on DW24.

Christy will be appearing in hour 11 and will give a live tour of Wells Fargo’s digital workplace:

Dan will be appearing in hour 12 and will give a live tour of GE’s digital workplace:

3. Watch it anywhere

Because it’s online, you can watch it from anywhere your connection allows. The only limit is your WiFi! And why not send us a picture of where you’re joining from?

4. Hear from more than 50 leading experts, minds and leaders

Our schedule is packed with practitioners, futurists, thought leaders, authors and even a US presidential candidate!

5. Tune in and out as many times as you like to watch the bits you want

24 hours is a long time. If you can’t stay awake for all of it, just join the sessions that most interest you, take a break whenever you want, and rejoin at any time throughout the 24 hours. You can log in and out as many times as you like.

6. Apply to be part of the DW24 Collective and get a free ticket

If you are under 25 and want to volunteer to be part of the DW24 social sharing collective then apply to be one of 24 selected people who will be part of the “DW24 Collective” – our online evangelists and difference makers. Apply here.

7. Watch during your working day and fit sessions in around your meetings

The 24-hour format means that for every time-zone there will be an entire work day’s worth of rich content available during business hours. You don’t even need to miss a meeting (simply log off, head to your meeting and rejoin DW24 afterwards), although we’re sure you’ll find an excuse if you want to!

8. Join the Wide Awake Club and stay up to watch all 24 hours

DW24 is more than an event – it’s an experience. In past years, attendees from around the world called in, joined the online Twitter discussions and stayed closely connected to the global community of intranet and digital workplace pros.

If you are as obsessed with intranets and the digital workplace as we are, then consider joining the Wide Awake Club for DW24. This esteemed group of caffeine-fuelled friends of DWG commit to staying up and logged in for all 24 hours of DW24. Or at least they’ll try to.

9. Enjoy the playlist between each session

Relax between sessions by listening to our handpicked playlist that will set you up for the next hour of amazing content.

10. Arrange a viewing party and watch with colleagues

What makes any experience better? Enjoying it with the right people! Rather than booking a single seat, why not arrange a viewing party in your office? Invite interested colleagues and watch the live tours, demos and interviews together. This way your whole team can get intranet inspired.

If you book 3 tickets within the same organization, for an extra US$300 / £200 / 270€ you can open DW24 up to your entire organization as a viewing party. To book your viewing party ticket, contact Kate Algar.

11. Offer your digital workplace woes up to our DWG Clinic

The DWG Clinic, promoting healthy digital workplaces, provides you with the opportunity to discuss any acute ailments or chronic conditions affecting your digital workplace, with a senior DWG consultant. Having listened to the symptoms, the DWG doctor will recommend a “prescription” or course of treatment – and, even if there is no instant cure available, just talking to an understanding digital workplace therapist may help anyway!

Tell us about your digital workplace ailments here.

12. Play back the recordings to listen at your leisure

After the show, you’ll get access to the full set of downloadable recordings, which are split into 24 one-hour tracks, so you can listen to the sessions you missed or replay your favourite ones again. Remember to select Live single seat plus recordings when you book.

13. Join the live conversation via social

Use the hashtag #DW24 to connect with a global community of digital workplace and intranet professionals – share your feedback, thoughts, insights and experiences.

14. Become a Tweeter in Residence

If you’d like to join the fun on Twitter and help share DW24 far and wide, consider becoming a “Tweeter in Residence” for the event. Being a Tweeter in Residence includes these activities:

  • Tweet and blog about #DW24 before and after the event, and let @DWG know so we can RT
  • Use #DW24 in all tweets, add #intranet, #esn and/or #digitalworkplace where appropriate (other hashtags welcome, too!)
  • Add Twitter handle of guests to tweets when available
  • Take and tweet plenty of screenshots during the event
  • Tweet your opinion and constructive feedback next to stats and facts
  • Share on other platforms of your choice

If you would like to be a Tweeter in Residence, please let @DWG know.

15. Save money, climate impact and stress by eliminating travel and hotel costs

No silly-o’clock in the morning taxi. No waiting in airport lounges or on chilly train platforms. No disappointment in only seeing a city from a taxi. No expense forms. There’s no need even to get out of bed. Just 24 hours of pure digital workplace bliss!


Free access for DWG members

Don’t forget! Digital Workplace Group members have free access to EVERYTHING as part of their membership of DWG – just book via the DWG extranet.



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