Show your support for ongoing reductions in work travel and join the movement that’s going nowhere!

DWG wants organizations and employees all around the world to commit to reducing their travel, in a similar way to DWG (as outlined in Paul Miller’s recent blog), to create the sustainable world we all want environmentally.

To make this happen, we need you, as individuals, to show your support and join the DWG Work Miles Movement. The more people (and organizations) who join, the more we can demonstrate the global appetite for change. And this is where DWG can use its voice to influence the decision-makers every mile saved makes a difference.

We will be arranging a launch session for those who want to join, to share ideas with each other, resolve questions together and ensure we move with momentum and enthusiasm.

Afterwards we will all wonder why we ever waited until 2020 to make this change. And you can say proudly: “I was part of a movement that’s going (almost) nowhere!”

Join here!