Webinar: Live tour of NN/g 2015 award-winner Sprint’s modern new intranet

January 19, 2015

Webinar summary: See a live tour of the intranet that won Sprint a 2015 Nielsen Norman Group (NN/g) intranet award, and hear from NN/g’s User Experience Director, Amy Schade.

Show topic:
  • Terry Pulliam of Sprint provides a live tour of the company’s NN/g 2015 intranet award-winning site.
  • NN/g’s User Experience Director, Amy Schade on trends from the 2015 intranet awards.
Date & time:Tues, Feb 3rd | 11:00 New York-EST · 16:00 London-GMT
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See Sprint’s modern, feature-rich intranet design

In the NN/g announcement about the 10 best intranets of 2015, Sprint’s intranet is listed as demonstrating six of the 10 “future trends” highlighted.

Terry Pulliam - SprintThe Sprint intranet includes advanced features such as faceted search, interactive use of video, and mega menus in the global navigation. NN/g also highlighted it for its use of flat design (no shadows, embossing, etc.), which is a key trend across modern web and mobile design today for aesthetic and usability reasons.

On the February 3rd episode of Digital Workplace Live, see a live tour of Sprint’s award-winning, modern intranet and hear the story behind the site from Terry Pulliam, Director of Communications at Sprint (Terry on LinkedIn).

Amy Schade - NNgAmy Schade is the long-time Director of User Experience at NN/g. She has authored many, many reports and publications on usability topics and has a masters degree in “Interactive Telecommunications”.

Amy will explain the key trends noted among the 10 winners of the 2015 NN/g Intranet Design Annual, and their implications for the next stage of intranet evolution.

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