Grundfos: When ecology is in your work DNA

Work has the capacity to change the world for the better. Those in work and their organizations can have profound impacts on the way we live collectively. So, what can we learn from the pioneering social and ecological change agents who considered this from the very beginning of their organizations?

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Jesper Ambrosius

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Henning Drager

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Alessia Falsarone

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Nature of Work


In this episode of DWG’s exciting new series, Rewilding Work with Paul Miller, DWG’s Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Paul Miller, talks with Jesper Ambrosius, Director, Head of Environment Excellence at Grundfos. Founded in Denmark in 1945, this world-leading global water pump company supports the belief that every drop of water contains infinite possibilities.

Driving your company’s purpose beyond your boundaries, measuring sustainability, and the challenges faced if this isn’t in your organization’s DNA all come under the microscope. And, hearing this, how can others adopt an ecological approach?

Paul is joined by industry experts Henning Dräger, Senior Global Sustainability Director, BDO International, and Alessia Falsarone, Executive in Residence at the University of Chicago, who add their thoughtful viewpoints on this fascinating area.
Rewilding Work helps give focus to the perspective that, if we change the world of work, we can change the wider world. Watch this enlightening episode to see this thinking in action today. For more on the future of work from world-leading companies, follow this new channel.

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Paul Miller
Paul Miller is Chief Creative Officer and Founder of DWG, and has given many inspirational talks on the digital future of work, for Microsoft, IKEA, Google, Accenture and Harvard Business Review, and written three books. His latest book is Nature of Work – The new Story of Work for a Living Age


Jesper heads up “LEGO Workplace Experience”, where his aim is to create workplace experiences that enable LEGO employees to be and do their best at work, attract and retain world-class talents, and bring them closer to the LEGO values.

What I'm seeing is actually so many people reaching out to me in going first with all kinds of initiatives, ideas, projects, everything happening – so not in silos, but basically because people are so passionate about this, they want real change.

Director, Head of Environmental Excellence, Grundfos

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