Cisco: How to reimagine purpose for a Silicon Valley icon

Imagine what work could be. In the post-pandemic world, work itself is evolving and being reimagined. But what does that look like in practice? Who is getting this right and what can we each learn that we can apply in our own workplaces? 

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Gianpaolo Barozzi

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Caroline von Koenig

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Danielle O'Hare

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In this landmark first episode of the new series Rewilding Work with Paul Miller, DWG’s Chief Creative Officer and Founder, Paul Miller, is joined by Gianpaolo Barozzi, Senior Director HR at Cisco. Gianpaolo shares how this technology giant is reimagining purpose to really connect the way it does business with having a positive impact on the world.

Connecting purpose to locality, the ability to experiment, a focus on teams, and the reality of how living networks can inspire organizational networks, all come under discussion.

Paul is also joined by industry experts Danielle O’Hare, Director, Talent Development at Lucasfilm/ILM, and Caroline von Koenig, Wellbeing Lead at Fidelity International, who reflect on how Gianpaolo’s insights resonate with their own experiences as HR leaders.

For a thought-provoking half-hour with sharp takeaways, watch today [insert link] and follow this new channel for more on the future of work from world-leading companies.

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Paul Miller
Paul Miller is Chief Creative Officer and Founder of DWG, and has given many inspirational talks on the digital future of work, for Microsoft, IKEA, Google, Accenture and Harvard Business Review, and written three books. His latest book is Nature of Work – The new Story of Work for a Living Age


Gianpaolo's team focuses on revealing the most relevant signs of change in the world of work, exploring their impacts, designing and testing innovative experiences and solutions preparing Cisco for the future of work. Previously he was the head of the Cisco Innovation Academy and WW Sales Chief Learning Officer.

The target is to create a new model to do business in addition to the traditional one that we have, based on a very specific idea or project that is going to impact the world.

Senior Director, HR – Cisco

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