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DWG - The Art of Collaboration - Executive Summary coverIt’s never been easier to collaborate online. SharePoint and hosted services like Huddle provide a rich tool set for teams wanting workspaces for more formal and project-based collaboration. Social networking platforms like Jive and Yammer can be easily deployed. And beyond the firewall, Skype and Google Apps deliver instant messaging, video-conferencing and real-time editing of documents.

But even with the plethora of tools available and the ease of implementation, successful collaboration is not a given. In fact, within most organizations the general experience of collaborating online is extremely patchy. There may be pockets of success, but adoption and proven benefits are often underwhelming and initiatives may be regarded by senior management as having failed.

So what can organizations do to improve this situation?

This DWG research report examines ways in which teams responsible for intranets and collaboration platforms can improve the success of online collaboration. It concludes that organizations will generally experience greater success the more collaboration is formalized, structured and focused upon different work-related processes, functions and groups. Less value will be gained if collaboration tends to be informal or vague in scope. By focusing attention on formalizing collaboration, intranet and collaboration teams can help to increase adoption and value.

Cost: This executive summary is free to members and non-members, though DWG members can also download the full report from the Member Extranet. Please refer to the DWG Research Terms & Conditions of Usage before download.

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About DWG research

The Digital Workplace Group (DWG) carries out research into best practice in intranet and portal deployment. Covering the hottest topics in the intranet world, the studies we undertake are rooted in practical examples from among DWG member organisations as well as leading non-member companies. The results of this in-depth research act as a basis for decision-making, a source of ideas, and the basis for rich interactions between participants at DWG meetings. Generally, members are given exclusive access to our findings, although we do from time to time make a report available to non-members for a fee.

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