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9 December 2019

Office 365 is Microsoft’s fastest growing commercial product ever. It is positioned to respond to key trends in the digital workplace: remote work from anywhere, bring your own device (BYOD), shrinking IT budgets, cloud collaboration, and the ‘do more with less’ mentality.

The 2019 DWG Member Survey shows that Office 365 is set to dominate the intranet and collaboration landscape. Around a third of companies who responded to the survey are currently using Office 365 for intranet publishing and over half are using it for formal and informal collaboration. A further 28% are planning to introduce Office 365 for one or both of these functions within the next 18 months.

Responding to these trends – and member demand for insight into how to make the most of the suite – DWG has released a research ‘Boxset’ on Office 365 covering the extended suite of products as well as focusing in specifically on search. Guest authors Luke Mepham and Agnes Molnar build on our first paper on this subject, ‘Office 365: What digital workplace teams need to know’, bringing exceptional specialist insight from the field to help members better understand the promise and pitfalls of using these products.

Download the executive summaries and selected excerpts from Office 365: Making use of the extended suite of products’, ‘Office 365 Search: A guide for digital workplace teams’ and ‘Office 365: What digital workplace teams need to know’.


An excerpt of this report is available as a free download. Please refer to the DWG Research Terms & Conditions of Usage before downloading.

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The Digital Workplace Group (DWG) carries out research into best practice in intranet and portal deployment. Covering the hottest topics in the intranet world, the studies we undertake are rooted in practical examples from among DWG member organizations as well as leading non-member companies. The results of this in-depth research act as a basis for decision-making, a source of ideas, and the basis for rich interactions between participants at DWG meetings. Generally, members are given exclusive access to our findings, although we do from time to time make a report available to non-members.

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