Welcoming AES Corporation as a new DWG member

12 August 2019 by DWG

Digital Workplace Group (DWG) is delighted to welcome AES Corporation as a new DWG member.

The DWG Member Forum is a confidential, members-only group. Membership combines online and in-person peer learning with expert research and practical insights into how others have solved challenges, based on more than 700 evaluations of major organizations.

We first met Angie Wyatt of AES at Digital Workplace Experience (DWX) earlier this year after she had been appointed to start up a digital workplace programme at AES. Becoming a DWG member is the first step in our partnership, as we help them towards their new digital workplace – and we very much look forward to what develops over the coming years.

Nancy Goebel, Managing Director, Membership & Strategic Partnerships at DWG, says: “We are just delighted to welcome AES Corporation into membership at a time when they are transforming their digital workplace.”

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About Digital Workplace Group

Digital Workplace Group (DWG) is a strategic partner, covering all aspects of the evolving digital workplace industry through membership, benchmarking and boutique consultancy services. We provide independent guidance to more than 100 leading corporates and public institutions to advance their intranets and broader digital workplaces through peer learning, impartial evaluations, research and practitioner expertise. See more at: www.digitalworkplacegroup.com


About AES Corporation

AES Corporation is a Fortune 500 global power company. It provides affordable, sustainable energy to 15 countries through its diverse portfolio of distribution businesses as well as thermal and renewable generation facilities. The AES workforce is committed to operational excellence and meeting the world’s changing power needs. Its 2017 revenue was $11 billion, and the company owns and manages $33 billion in total assets.

AES is dedicated to improving the lives of its customers by leveraging its energy solutions, which encompass a broad range of technologies and fuel types, including coal, diesel, gas, oil, pet coke and renewables. Its people share a passion to help meet the world’s current and increasing energy needs, while providing communities and countries with the opportunity for economic growth due to the availability of reliable, affordable electric power. See more at: www.aes.com.

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