Shining a spotlight on inclusivity at Stanley Black & Decker

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Nancy Goebel is DWG’s Deputy CEO. In addition to leading service delivery and member engagement, Nancy is also responsible for global expansion.


Kristin Tetreault is VP of Enterprise and Leader Communication for Stanley Black & Decker. She leads a global team of communication professionals who work with leaders and employees to support a culture that is recognized as one of the best places to work for innovative, purpose-driven, high-performing, socially responsible people.
Kimberly Williams is VP of Diversity & Inclusion for Stanley Black & Decker. As an integral DE&I leader, Kimberly provides the centre of excellence for the Stanley Black & Decker global DE&I community through the development and implementation of best practices, knowledge management, leadership development and metrics.

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“I think our greatest opportunity is really the equality that hybrid working has brought to connection and collaboration. I think [it’s been] a real opening of the aperture of inclusivity.”

- Kristin Tetreault, Stanley Black & Decker

As we shift from pandemic to endemic, organizations are using hybrid working to accelerate inclusion, pulling on a wider set of employee views to innovate, collaborate and move to the next level.

In this episode of Digital Workplace Impact, Nancy Goebel talks with Kimberly Williams, Vice President, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, and Kristin Tetreault, Vice President of Enterprise and Leader Communication at Stanley Black & Decker. Together, they shine a spotlight on how this global business strives to build and nurture a culture where inclusiveness is a reflex in pursuit of its purpose, not just an initiative.

For Stanley Black & Decker, as change continues, hybrid working offers its global workforce the chance to collaborate more meaningfully, creating their best ideas and doing their best work. In this exciting exploration of the human-centred digital workplace, communication, balance and authenticity are all shown to be essential ingredients in creating a culture where diversity and inclusion can thrive. Senior executives themselves play a pivotal part and the discussion looks at how they approach humanizing the workplace through visible and accessible leadership.

With warmth and candour, Kimberly and Kristin share some of the challenges and business opportunities they are experiencing. This fascinating discussion includes practical advice for leading in and via the digital workplace in an evolving and dynamic culture – tips which you could apply to your workplace today.

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