Paul and Nancy’s digital workplace predictions for 2022

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Nancy Goebel is DWG’s Deputy CEO. In addition to leading service delivery and member engagement, Nancy is also responsible for global expansion.


Paul Miller is CEO and Founder of DWG, and has given many inspirational talks on the digital future of work, for Microsoft, IKEA, Google, Accenture and Harvard Business Review, and written three books. His latest book is Nature of Work – The new Story of Work for a Living Age (co-authored with Shimrit Janes).

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“Organizations know that uncertainty, fragility and adaptability in the world of work is here for the long term. Therefore, our digital workplaces really need to be robust and capable to withstand whatever is going to come next.”

- Paul Miller, DWG

2021 brought a period of accelerated friction and unexpected plot twists. Throughout, many organizations grappled with returning to the physical office, new approaches to hybrid work and changing cultural expectations. So far, 2022 is bringing a whole new set of challenges that nobody could have expected at the time of putting together the predictions.

Since 2014, DWG CEO Paul Miller has been sharing emerging and maturing trends in the evolving digital workplace, helping to inform decision-makers as they navigate the year(s) ahead. This year, for the first time, Paul has teamed up with Deputy CEO and Digital Workplace Impact host, Nancy Goebel, in predicting what’s to come.

Will 2022 be the year when hybrid leadership comes of age? Is digital working moving into a new phase of growth and creation? Must advanced digital workplaces further connect large workforces to ensure resilience against the unexpected? As iterations of change continue, Paul and Nancy share insights to help digital workplace practitioners in their now everyday role as change agents.

In this episode of Digital Workplace Impact, Paul Miller chats with Nancy Goebel at the end of last year. Together they take stock of the rollercoaster ride that was 2021, and look ahead with predictions for the digital workplace this year.

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