Leading with head, heart and hands in the Volkswagen hybrid workplace

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Nancy Goebel is DWG’s Deputy CEO. In addition to leading service delivery and member engagement, Nancy is also responsible for global expansion.


Neeru is currently SVP, CIO for Volkswagen Credit Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Volkswagen Group of America, where she is leading a complete business and technology transformation. She is an enterprising and progressively minded information technology and business executive who has served as an industry leader for over 20 years.

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“We have to connect that customer experience through the data we have to create that personalized content and experience, whether it's about product offering or about servicing. It's really about maniacally focusing on that customer need so that we can drive the brand loyalty we need.”

- Neeru Arora, SVP, CIO for Volkswagen Financial Services North America

The career progression of a digital workplace professional rarely follows a linear path.

Trusting yourself, taking risks and being a curious learner are just some of the tips that Neeru Arora, SVP, CIO for Volkswagen Financial Services North America, shares, going on to explain how these have guided her career progression through her ‘head, heart and hands’ model.

This episode of Digital Workplace Impact explores Neeru’s career progression from intranet manager to CIO as well as delving into her experience of leading through the pandemic and focus for the digital workplace of the future.

As we emerge from the pandemic and what have been a transformational few years, this powerful conversation provides a window into the digital landscape for Volkswagen Financial Services North America over the next three years, looking into the complexities of hybrid working and what it means to have a ‘maniacal’ focus on the connected customer and colleague experience.

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