How the metaverse is changing Avanade’s workplace

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Nancy Goebel took over as CEO at the start of 2023. Previously, Nancy was DWG's Managing Director, Member Services, with responsibility for global expansion. Nancy has hosted the Digital Workplace Impact podcast since 2021.


Chief Technology Officer Florin Rotar leads the strategic development of a portfolio of solutions and services that position Avanade to be a market maker and category leader, emphasizing their commitment to emerging technology and innovation. He previously led Avanade’s global Modern Workplace business.
Patrik Löwendahl is Avanade’s global head of Metaverse Service Hub. Working with clients to understand the opportunities, challenges, and solutions for the Metaverse. With 20+ experience in the IT-industry with a focus on new technology and innovations they enable. His background includes technical skills and advising businesses on innovation.

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“Fundamentally the metaverse is going to change the way we live, the way we work, the way we do business. It will just take some time for it to mature, in the same way that the internet needed some time to mature.”

- Florin Rotar, Chief Technology Officer, Avanade

The metaverse offers enticing opportunities and the prospect of shiny, new immersive and virtual experiences, but how do you get beyond the hype and uncover the art of what’s both possible and useful in the digital workplace?
In this episode of Digital Workplace Impact, Nancy Goebel is in conversation with Florin Rotar, Chief Technology Officer, and Patrik Löwendahl, Global Head of Metaverse Service Hub, from Avanade, a leading provider of innovative digital, cloud and advisory services. Avanade has adopted a client zero approach*, so that in-house learnings can inform the work it delivers to clients as well as the industry perspectives it shares more widely.

In this candid conversation, Florin, Patrik and Nancy explore the power, purpose, uses and early learnings around the metaverse inside Avanade’s own digital workplace. They examine real-life experiences of immersive training and inclusive recruitment via the metaverse, revealing interactions and ways of working that have not previously been possible.

In so doing, they also uncover some useful truths about collaboration and ‘watch-outs’ to avoid, such as creating digital divides. With opportunity comes a definite responsibility and they encourage those venturing into the metaverse to take a deliberate and thoughtful approach to digital ethics – using metaverse technology to encourage trust and make the experience humane.

So, for a conversation full of insight, advice and honest reflections grounded in real-life metaverse adventures, take a listen today.

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* Client zero – where an organization tests, introduces and scales innovations in-house with its own workforce, before offering a new service to clients.

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