A new story of work for a living age, with Charles Eisenstein

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Paul Miller
Paul Miller is Chief Creative Officer and Founder of DWG, and has given many inspirational talks on the digital future of work, for Microsoft, IKEA, Google, Accenture and Harvard Business Review, and written three books. His latest book is Nature of Work – The new Story of Work for a Living Age


Shimrit is Director of Knowledge for DWG, focused on curating knowledge on the digital workplace for its members and clients such as Adobe, The Coca-Cola Company, and Ubisoft. Shimrit has recently co-authored Nature of Work: The new story of work for a living age with Paul Miller.
Charles Eisenstein is a public speaker and author. His work covers a wide range of topics, including the history of human civilization, economics, spirituality and the ecology movement.

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“We felt trapped in the system, but now the system has broken down a little bit. Maybe we’re no longer trapped and maybe we can bring consciousness to choices that had been unconscious.”

- Charles Eisenstein

In this episode, we revisit hour six of DWG24 and an interview with the author, Charles Eisenstein.

Charles believes that when we look at our lives through the lens of ecology, it can change our motivations, goals and visions for the future. He sees COVID-19, and the interruption it has brought to our lives, as an opportunity to break out of old habits and start afresh for the greater good.

Charles talks with DWG’s Paul Miller and Shimrit Janes, and together they imagine a more natural setting for corporates and humans alike, encourage us to affect change from within, and question whether we really want to go back to where we were.

Show notes, links and resources for this episode: 
Book: Climate – A new story, by Charles Eisenstein
Book: The Coronation, by Charles Eisenstein
Interview with Oprah Winfrey

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