IBF Live is now Digital Workplace Live, but why?

January 22, 2014

Over the years you came to trust and respect IBF Live.

You knew that every month there would be a reliable place to peek behind the firewall, to see live tours of an intranet, collaboration platform or mobile app at companies such as Adobe, Barclays, and IKEA. You enjoyed hearing from thought leaders in the field.

You grew to expect witty banter between the hosts and guest presenters (e.g. “That’s a lovely site. It sure doesn’t LOOK like SharePoint!”). You became fond of Paul Miller’s catch phrase, “keep clicking around the site.” (We’re looking at you @ChristySeason!)

Well, that’s all still the same.

It’s just that the name of the show has changed.

It’s now “Digital Workplace Live.”

That’s all. Starting with the February 4th show we’re changing the name from IBF Live to Digital Workplace Live.

IBF Live is now Digital Workplace Live

The Digital Workplace Live episode on February 4th will show Adobe’s beautiful new intranet.

The March 4th episode will include special guest and global intranet expert James Robertson (@s2d_jamesr). And the goodness will continue after that.

Why change from IBF Live to Digital Workplace Live?

IBF Live started as “Intranets Live” back in 2008, before social intranets became mainstream. Back then, platforms like Jive, Yammer and ThoughtFarmer were fresh on the scene (Yammer launched in September of that year). In 2008 the first iPhone was only a year old.

Today, almost every intranet team is implementing social features and looking towards mobile sites and apps. Executives are receiving iPad lessons from their kids. In six years the technology landscape in the office and in the home has changed substantially.

While you can call the social and mobile stuff the “intranet,” that word doesn’t feel like it is enough. “Digital workplace” on the other hand? That covers the intranet and plenty more.

Since we’ve been covering the social and mobile stuff for years now, it only makes sense to update the name of the show.

Hence, Digital Workplace Live.

From #ibflive to #dwlive for the tweeting types

If you’re the tweeting type (remember a few years ago when nobody would say something like that aloud, ever) then take note of the new hashtag for Digital Workplace Live: #dwlive.

Hashtag change for DW Live

So, to recap:

IBF Live is now Digital Workplace Live - tombtstone & angel drawing

Custom drawing by artist Nani Vishwanath

Any questions?

Great. We hope to see you on February 4th!

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