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Objective data about your big picture

Digital workplace maturity model - DWG benchmarking

Our Digital Workplace Maturity Benchmark evaluation helps an organisation understand how its overall digital workplace is functioning in order to develop a vision of where it should be in future.The evaluation relies on the Digital Workplace Map™, a seven-point framework that spans the core functions of a digital workplace, which cut across specific technologies and departments.

The Digital Workplace Map™

In 2012, we developed the Digital Workplace Map™. With input from past and present DWG members such as Microsoft, IBM, KPMG, ADP, McGraw-Hill, Citi, Johnson & Johnson and Fujitsu, we developed an industry first: a seven-point framework to map and measure the performance of an organisation’s digital workplace. The map can be used to assess an entire organization or a specific unit, region or organizational function.

It is structured around these seven dimensions and five levels of maturity:

Digital Workplace Maturity Assessment - DWG

7 dimensions of the digital workplace maturity assessment:

  • Communication and Business Intelligence
  • Collaboration and Community
  • Services and Workflow
  • Structure and Coherence
  • Mobility and Flexibility
  • Strategic Alignment and Management
  • Organizational Readiness


Benefits of a benchmark

Deployed through a brief and tailored intervention, the Digital Workplace Maturity Benchmark offers a range of outcomes:

The big picture

The Digital Workplace Map™ emphasises the usefulness of the workplace as a whole, spanning across technologies and functions rather than specific features, such as “travel booking” workflows.

Impartial, expert analysis

Run by leading experts in digital workplace strategy and deployment, the Digital Workplace Map™ provides a thorough, impartial assessment of what your digital workplace offers and how it is managed.

Strategic insights

The aim of the Digital Workplace Map™ is to be a thinking tool to help you understand where your overall digital workplace currently is and the various options you have for advancing it.

A spotlight on needs

The model is not meant to imply that all organisations should seek to reach the “Excel” or even “High” levels in all areas. Rather, it highlights the most important areas in need of attention.

Input for planning & roadmaps

The benchmark’s recommendations can inform investment decisions, operating practices and major moments in planning that impact digital workplace efficiencies across the enterprise.

Targeted recommendations

The resulting report provides precise recommendations on how to improve. This reveals discoveries that enable stakeholders to unlock business value for key business units or the company overall.

A baseline for measurement

The benchmark provides a baseline view of your organisation’s digital workplace capabilities relative to industry standard. This provides a true starting point for any digital workplace project.

A true comparison

Results of the benchmark are delivered in a standardized data format, which provides a basis for comparing your performance with other organisations or other parts of your own organisation.

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