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Research Spotlight: Future of hybrid with Dion Hinchcliffe and Paul Miller

Hosted by Nancy Goebel, Managing Director, Member Services and Content Producer Beth Gleba, Research Spotlights are DWG’s members’ only virtual lab where we come together to work through issues that matter in the digital workplace.

About this Research Spotlight

The pandemic had a colossal impact on the digital workplace. Practically overnight, companies enabled work from home, leveraged digital tools, and began communicating with employees digitally. But now, as a recent article in The Economist sums it up: “People like working from home. Bosses want them back in the office.”

So what’s ahead? What will the future of hybrid work look like?

In our next DWG Research Spotlight, we’ll be joined by DWG Founder and CEO, Paul Miller, along with special guest Dion Hinchcliffe, IT expert and bestselling book author. Together, the two will discuss, debate and define what they think is possible for:

  • How today’s concept of ‘hybrid’ work may evolve.
  • What the workforce of 2030 will need to thrive and how the talent market will adapt.
  • Ripple impacts on our collective culture, real estate, educational systems and more.

Don’t miss this inspiring discussion with two of our industry’s leading thought leaders.

29 September 2022

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