This event was held on 22 February 2022. You can find out about our upcoming events here, our checkout more of our previous events here.

Nature of Work Unplugged: February 22 – Roots

Based on Paul Miller and Shimrit Janes’ latest book, Nature of Work: A new story of work for a living age, Nature of Work Unplugged gatherings are 45-minute open circles where we discuss one of the 12 essential workplace elements outlined in the book each month. Join us to understand how to move these elements from concept to practice inside your organization.

What are the unseen foundations and systems that underpin your organization?

In our February session, we will be discussing ‘Roots’.

Nature: The part of a plant that grows into the ground to hold it steady and also brings it nourishment from its surrounding environment.

Work: The hidden systems, structures and stories that underpin an organization

Nature of Work Unplugged is hosted by Paul Miller.

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