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Nature of Work Unplugged: In which work habitats do you thrive?

Based on Paul Miller and Shimrit Janes’ latest book, Nature of Work: A new story of work for a living age, Nature of Work Unplugged gatherings are 45-minute open circles where we discuss one of the 12 essential workplace elements outlined in the book each month. Join us to understand how to move these elements from concept to practice inside your organization.

In which work habitats do you thrive?

In our March session, we will be discussing ‘Habitats’, and our featured speaker is Samantha Fisher, Head of Dynamic Work at Okta.

In nature, a habitat is the natural environment in which an organism lives, and in work it is the physical and digital workplaces where worth thrives. Creatures in nature are well adapted to their habitat, with different habitats better suited to different creatures. Similarly in work, people have different habitats, from the physical (where they physically are while working) to the digital (the virtual places in which they work). When considering an organization’s habitats, we must consider how best to design our spaces so people can thrive and create at work.

In this Unplugged gathering we would love to hear your insights on what physical and digital habitats are created in your organization and how these support a thriving, creative workforce. Every member of this community is on a Nature of Work journey, so whether you are joining to share living examples of Nature of Work in practice, or to explore, learn and ask questions, you are welcome.

Sharing and discussion is encouraged.

Nature of Work Unplugged is hosted by Paul Miller.

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