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Live Tour: March 1 – Modern intranet with ZEISS

Join DWG hosts, Nancy Goebel and Beth Gleba for this month’s Live Tour.

Pushing the limits of what’s possible through technological advances and evolution is part of the DNA at ZEISS. For our March 1 DWG Live Tour, we’ll be joined in our studio by Dr Charlton Payne, Channel Manager for Internal Corporate Brand and Communications at ZEISS.

As the digital entry-point to daily work, TEAM ZEISS provides quick access to news, information, networking and digital services. We’ll talk with Charlton about several key features, including:

    • Personalization: TEAM ZEISS automatically shows personalized content based on location and the business segment. Employees can also subscribe to news topics and favourite tools.
    • Dialogue: Integrated news with Yammer allows everyone to participate.
    • Collaboration: A ‘workplace’ area provides employees with a personalized overview of their documents, projects and courses – enabling teamwork and learning to become integral to daily work.

Plus, of course, we’ll see a live tour of TEAM ZEISS.

ZEISS is a German manufacturer of optical systems and optoelectronics operating in almost 50 countries, with over 34,000 employees. Don’t miss this opportunity to connect and learn from this innovative company.

1 March 2022

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