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AskDWG: Discussion on leveraging tyGraph for meaningful metrics – ONLINE

About this session

The need for digital workplace analytics to support strategic decision-making is ever-growing, and the platforms we all use and our activity on them generate masses of data. However, how do you tease out the signals from the noise? How do you protect users’ privacy and adopt an ethical approach? What do impactful dashboards look like – and how do you get the most out of them?

With the growing demand for meaningful metrics, solutions that offer advanced workplace analytics are emerging. tyGraph is one of those that an increasing number of our members are using and interested in, with other solutions also at play.

And so, this AskDWG discussion will focus on tyGraph, as well as the wider topic of what people are measuring, and how. If you’re not actively interested in tyGraph, please do still come along for the metrics conversation!

Shimrit Janes (Director of Knowledge) and Andrea Brant (Head of Member Advisory Services) will co-host and facilitate this discussion circle. The session will give members the opportunity to share and discuss their successes, challenges, questions and learnings around implementing and using tyGraph.

30 January 2024

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