DWG’s 2021 Research Programme supports organizations in exceptional times

March 10, 2021 Updated: September 12, 2022

The votes are counted and the research briefs are already being written – it’s that time of year when we decide and announce the topics that DWG will cover in its latest annual Research Programme. You can see all the details in the new fact sheet for the programme.

DWG’s Managing Director for Member Services, Nancy Goebel, says: “In the coming year we’re excited to deliver research that will support digital workplace resilience and acceleration in these exceptional times, while also fostering connection, innovation, productivity and learning among the people that work within our digital worlds of work.”

DWG members tell us that they use our research to help shape strategy, grow team knowledge, validate thinking and ideas, prepare for new projects, and gain credibility internally. In fact, 88% of members say that access to research and case studies is one of the best things about their membership. 

In 2021, we’ll explore the following topics in depth, extending our ongoing research streams around areas such as: the human aspects of digital work, digital workplace technology, metrics and measurement, and governance – as well as delving into workplace learning:

The hybrid workplace: Achieving productivity, creativity and connection across physical and digital workplaces


Building on DWG’s recent papers on how the digital workplace facilitates innovation, as well as how to design at the interface of the physical and digital workplaces, this new research will look at the hybrid modes of working emerging from the pandemic and how to maintain productivity and creativity as we work in these ways.

Modern workplace learning: The digital platforms and strategies to train and develop staff


In this report we’ll take a look at the trends, innovations and technologies that are enabling organizations to create a modern workplace learning experience that inspires employees to engage with learning on a continuous basis, to upskill and reskill, and ultimately to remain with the company.

Business intelligence playbook: From data integration to dashboards – how to extract actionable insights


Organizations often struggle to make data available in meaningful and actionable ways that are targeted to managers and employees. In this research we will take a look at business intelligence management and integration, the provision of dashboards for a range of job roles, integration of data feeds into other platforms, as well as the integration of internal and external data sources.

No code or low code solutions: How to get the most out of these solutions and manage citizen developers


We’re seeing the rapid rise of no code or low code solutions in organizations, potentially enabling the employees closest to the business processes to get involved in designing solutions. This research will explore how digital workplace teams can manage and encourage citizen developers to get real value from these tools and minimize the risks.

Digital workplace resilience in a (post) pandemic world: The key practices for both business continuity and acceleration


In this research, we take a look at the learnings that have emerged for digital workplace teams during the pandemic, along with approaches to ensuring sustainable and even accelerated progress moving forward. What do teams need to do next in terms of understanding evolving user needs, resetting plans and updating governance?

Anthropology for digital workplace teams: Focusing on what makes us human in the digital world of work, from culture and inclusion to sustainability and ethics


Extending DWG’s research on the human aspects of digital work, this research will build on previous work around how the digital workplace relates to organizational culture and its role in employee experience, to explore what it is that makes this digital world of work one of human flourishing.

Download the 2021 DWG Research Fact Sheet to learn more about our research programme and the new topics on the roster for the year ahead.

DWG’s Director of Research, Elizabeth Marsh commented: “The programme is branching out in some exciting new directions in 2021, such as modern workplace learning and anthropology for digital workplace teams. We’re also looking forward to extending some of our existing streams of research to provide members with new insights into core areas of digital workplace practice. As always, it’s great to know that our research hits the spot for our members in terms of its depth of insight, broad coverage of topics, and detailed case studies.”

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