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Episode: 2

We work together, so why not live together?

We work together, so why not live together?

“I didn’t expect that people would come to work for 10 hours, and sometimes I had to kick them out of the office [in Lisbon] because the weather was awesome!”

— Peter Fabor, Surf Office 

It is dusk on a Friday in Lisbon. Waves crash on a white, pristine beach. You peek out through your office window as surfers hit the waves. You smile and continue working, content in the knowledge that ‘this’ is your office – and your home. The Industrial Revolution decreed that where you work and where you live are separate but Peter Fabor, founder of innovative co-working space Surf Office, has rejected this notion and turned it on its head with co-working spaces where you work, sleep and live together.

Host Paul Miller takes us on a journey where conference calls follow excursions to the mountains, and where we replace swapping business cards with cooking breakfast together. He is joined by guests Peter Fabor and Phil Mennie, Global Social Media Risk and Governance Leader at the large consulting and accounting firm PwC. Find out how Peter and Phil see our relationship with our work (and our homes) evolving.


Phil Mennie – Global Social Media Risk and Governance Leader, PwC

Phil’s teams advise PwC clients on the most effective ways to implement good governance around social media and digital platforms to manage risk and ensure success for those digital projects. He authored ‘Social Media Risk and Governance: Managing Enterprise Risk’ (Kogan Page, 2015) and is a world-renowned expert, thought-leader and speaker on social media in the enterprise. Phil’s expertise in social media stems from experience using web technology to better manage financial and operational data.

Peter Fabor – Founder, Surf Office

Originally from Bratislava, Peter Faber founded Surf Office, a co-working and living space near Lisbon, Portugal, which aims to change how people work and travel, with the slogan “Be more productive under the sun”. Despite having grown up in landlocked Slovakia (closest ocean: 2200km), Peter had the idea of a surf-based work retreat while working remotely as a designer from the Canary Islands for Prague-based security company Avast. In his spare time Peter likes to “design and build stuff” (e.g. a washing machine for men and an open-sourced laptop stand).

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