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Episode: 47

How EY engages the most connected young workers

How EY engages the most connected young workers

“Good product design is at the intersection of what technology can do, what the strategy of the organization is and also what the user needs are, and being able to hit that sweet spot in the center that balances those three factors is what we’re trying to do.”

– Chase Mohr, EY

With 68% of EY considered digital natives, the focus is on providing the ultimate employee digital experience to suit this (growing) audience.

Recorded in person at a DWG Member Meeting in New York, Chase Mohr and Jess Woods catch up with Paul Miller following their presentation to tell us exactly how EY is engaging the most connected young workers, through innovative product design.

They talk to Paul about Generation Z’s expectations of technology and tools, tailored search experiences and an unexpected chatbot!

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Chase Mohr, Associate Director, Product Strategy and Innovation, EY

Chase Mohr is a Product Strategy and Innovation leader at EY, responsible for working with business stakeholders to bring technology solutions to solve key challenges.
With over 14 years’ experience working with EY, Chase has held numerous roles spanning client service, software development and product management. Currently, he oversees a team of product managers and designers who focus on internal-facing tools to help drive knowledge management and expertise location within EY.
Based out of the Cleveland EY Office, Chase is an Ohio native who spends his free time roasting coffee, running and staying current on technology trends.

Jess Woods, Product Design Lead, EY

Jess Woods is Lead Product Designer for the EY employee digital experience, helping employees access the wealth of information available to them. She plays a multifaceted role designing, prototyping, testing with users and is building out a design system for employee Search experiences. She works with her global teams remotely and is currently exploring what it means to collaborate on design digitally. She leads collaborative workshops using design thinking to facilitate creative discussion and problem solving with internal stakeholders.

Jess is a British transplant from London, living in Pasadena, Los Angeles, and specializes in UX Design and Research for human beans, with accessibility in mind. In the past she has worked in a mixture of environments including a few startups, as well as ADP, Native Instruments, UCLA, Warner Brothers Records and the UK Parliamentary Digital Service. She likes to remix her experiences at these different organizations to balance user needs and business needs in order to help build useful and engaging digital experiences. Jess is passionate about design ethics and is learning to push back when something doesn’t feel right from an ethical design standpoint. Jess is also co-organizer of the monthly UX peer mentorship series ‘We’ll Talk: UX’ hosted twice a month in Pasadena, CA.

In her spare time Jess likes to solve music design challenges – she is a music grad so likes to sing and write rubbish music. She is learning to surf in LA, slowly, and hopes to stand up on her board consistently one day!

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