Meet Chris: consultant, benchmarker, researcher

Chris Tubb (@christubb) is an intranet and digital workplace consultant who has worked with DWG since 2010.

Prior to being a consultant Chris was responsible for intranet strategy and architecture at France Telecom/ Orange, where he was also a DWG customer.

As well as consulting with numerous clients, Chris is a lead benchmarker, blogger and research associate for DWG, and he has been developing models for mapping and measuring Digital Workplaces, as well as publishing research on digital workplace user experience, intranet measurement and employee directories.

Flexibility and family

Chris lives in Brighton, UK with his family and working with DWG has allowed him to work entirely flexibly so he can suit the needs of a busy family life with two young children.

“My wife also works from home three days out of five so it really irons out the complexity of modern life. I travel for DWG perhaps two or three times per month depending on the client. When I left the corporate world to become a freelancer, an intranet career meant being stuck in a big city, but virtual working means I can live where I want.”

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