6 reasons why entering the Digital Workplace of the Year Awards could benefit you and your organization

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The 2021 Digital Workplace of the Year Awards celebrate the organizations and individual practitioners who have excelled at creating well-executed, high-performing digital workplaces and environments. For 2021 the categories are:

  • Digital Workplace of the Year (awarded to an organization)
  • Digital Workplace Leader of the Year (awarded to an individual)
  • Modern Intranet of the Year (awarded to an organization)

If you haven’t entered yet, there’s still time. Here are 6 compelling reasons to take the time to do so:

1. Gain global industry recognition

Being selected as a winner or runner-up in the Awards is an opportunity to have your work recognized across the global digital workplace industry. It will be good for the organization, for the team, and for individual career progression. A win is also an opportunity to celebrate success inside the organization, helping to engage both stakeholders and employees in the ongoing journey to deliver an exceptional digital workplace or intranet.

2. Celebrate your digital workplace achievements

Most of the time, digital workplace professionals and teams are heads down keeping the show on the road. This is not surprising given the burgeoning complexity and breadth of what they’re trying to achieve inside organizations. Entering these Awards is a chance to ‘come up for air’ and let the world know about those hard-won achievements in delivering well-executed, high-performing digital workplace environments.

3. Give your team a morale boost

Achieving a great digital workplace or intranet is a long-term goal, with many moving parts that need to be brought into alignment. For the teams driving the organization forward on this journey, it can feel like a long haul. Getting recognized with an award is a fantastic morale boost for the whole team. Just the process of entering can help to remind the team how much they’ve already achieved, whether this is getting a formal strategy in place, engaging users or rolling out a new platform. It could even form part of your company’s initiative to improve employee engagement if you feel this is lower than usual. Keeping employee morale up can be helpful throughout the process of working towards the award, meaning your team keeps outputting award-worthy work!

4. Measure up against the industry

So you think you’re good? Excellent, we love that. But how good are you? Entering the Awards is a chance to measure your digital workplace performance against the best in the industry. The judges scrutinize the participating organizations to see how they perform across strategy, business case, governance framework, key features, user engagement and benefits/impact. What better way to test your organization’s all-round digital workplace performance?

5. Give a shout-out to peers who inspire you

We welcome confident and competent digital workplace professionals who enter themselves for Digital Workplace Leader of the Year. Kudos! But this award is also the opportunity to give a shout-out to the practitioners in the industry that have inspired you. Maybe it’s the Head of Digital Workplace in your own organization, or perhaps a leader from elsewhere, who you’ve heard speak at a conference or seen share valuable insights via a blog or discussion group. However it has happened, say ‘thank you’ for their inspiration and example by nominating them for this award.

6. Be part of a global celebration of excellence

The process of entering can in itself be valuable (albeit perhaps not that ‘happy dance moment’ associated with actually winning). The award entry can provide a structure to reflect on your digital workplace progress, helping your team to identify key strengths, as well as any gaps that need further work. It has been demonstrated time and again that a learning mindset creates the best digital workplaces. And, who knows, perhaps you could be a winner this year… or next?

The Awards are now well established in their fifth year and we are seeing a broader spectrum of people and organizations entering each year. Don’t be shy, come and show us what you’ve got! The closing date for entries is midnight (BST) on September 16, 2021. Start your entry today.

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Elizabeth Marsh

Director of Research

Elizabeth Marsh is DWG’s Director of Research and author of its latest report ‘Digital workplace overload: How to reduce employee technostress’ (available free on our website). She’s worked as a practitioner, researcher and consultant in the digital workplace field for over 20 years and is a strong advocate for digital literacy and digital wellbeing at work. Elizabeth is currently doing a PhD at the University of Nottingham focusing on employee technostress and the potential of mindfulness to help reduce it. She also co-authored – with Paul Miller – the book ‘The Digital Renaissance of Work: Delivering digital workplaces fit for the future’.

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