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Digital Workplace 24 (DW24) in 2015 - May 20 and 21

Digital Workplace 24 (DW24) is back! On May 20th and 21st of 2015, thousands of intranet and digital workplace professionals from around the world will join together for free in this one-of-a-kind global virtual conference. Confirmed live site tours already include Adobe, Barclays, EY and IKEA.

When was the last time you saw a live intranet tour from one of the largest and most well-respected companies in the world? From the comfort of your desk, couch or treadmill desk? Available in every time zone? For free?

This is my point dude.

DWG’s signature event is back for 2015

Save the date: May 20th and 21st, 2015.

These are the days on which DWG will host Digital Workplace 24, a continuous stream of live site tours of leading companies’ intranets, collaboration platforms, mobile sites/apps, innovative HR portals and more.

DWG last held DW24 in May 2013, when more than 1,500 people from over 50 countries tuned in. We took a break in 2014 but are excited to be once again hosting this global convening in 2015.

Watch when you want, from wherever you want, for free

DW24 is a virtual global conference that spans 24 hours straight, starting at 11am GMT/UTC on Wednesday, May 20th.

But don’t worry – you don’t have to tune in for the full 24 hours.

The 24-hour format means that for every time zone there will be an entire work day’s worth of rich content available during business hours.

By taking advantage of the tools of the modern digital age, DW24 provides simultaneously a global convening and local events for people around the world.

Best of all, DW24 is free to register and attend. A standard registration allows a viewer to tune in to DW24 for any portion, consecutive or not. This means you can slip away from your desk for a critical meeting and then rejoin the broadcast at your convenience.

24 one-hour webinars

Each hour of DW24 will include an interview with an industry thought leader and a live site tour of a leading company’s intranet, collaboration platform, mobile site/app, HR portal or other related aspect of its digital workplace.

This format marries fascinating educational content with hands-on, in-depth site tours that demonstrate what leaders in the field are actually doing.

If you find it intimidating to think of a 24-hour event, view it instead as a work day full of webinars that you can selectively view based on your own interest and convenience.

Time zone primetime guide

In order to assist viewers from some of the geographies in which DW24 has historically been popular, we have put together a handy DW24 time zone selector available on the event’s “Schedule” page.

This guide makes it easy to see what content will be going live during your own work day.

I suggest you complete your free DW24 registration then check back later on the schedule page to see what new presenters have joined the hours you can conveniently watch.

Already confirmed: Adobe, Barclays, EY, IKEA

DW24 is still five months away but we’re happy to announce the following “headline tours” have already confirmed that they will join the DW24 agenda:

In 2013, the show included live tours from such well-known companies as Accenture, Alaska Airlines, Coca-Cola, IBM, SAP and Virgin Media.

And for 2015 we’ve started preparing earlier and we’re lining up an equally impressive agenda.

Join the global gathering to connect, learn and be inspired

We intranet and digital workplace professionals seem to be a special breed of person. The surprising passion behind our work springs from a marriage of our desire to help people with our keen interest in technology.

Over the past decade different forms of social media have helped to increasingly connect digital workplace professionals around the world via Twitter, LinkedIn, and so on. But rarely does this entire global community come together at one time.

DW24 offers the space for such a global convening, enabling the community of intranet and digital workplace professionals from every corner of the globe (do spheres have corners?), to join together in an experience that is both a celebration of their craft and an inspiring homage to the full potential of the field.

Reserve your free pass now, save the dates on your calendar and prepare for a one-of-a-kind experience.

2013’s DW24, in seven tweets

About the author

Ephraim Freed, Communications Manager for the Digital Workplace Group (DWG)Ephraim Freed is a communicator and self-proclaimed “intranet nerd”.

Ephraim works at Riot Games now, but previously worked at DWG overseeing marketing, facilitating in-person & online member events and hosting our monthly webinar, Digital Workplace Live.

Prior to that, as a writer and professional services consultant for social intranet software company, ThoughtFarmer and managed internal communications and launched a social intranet at Oxfam America.

In his spare time Ephraim raises his two baby girls, goes trail running and plays many sports with great mediocrity.

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