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What they’re saying about The Digital Renaissance of Work…

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“I believe that what lies ahead is a revolution

…not only in how we work but in the ways we think about work. This is why Paul Miller and Elizabeth Marsh’s Digital Renaissance of Work is so essential at this moment. In exploring both the digital and physical aspcts of work, the authors put the emphasis on the human beings at the centre of this digital transformation.”

Brian Solis @briansolisPrincipal AnalystAltimeter Group

“Paul and Elizabeth live at the forefront

of the digitization of work, but remain primarily focused on people and the impact of technology on the human condition. The Digital Renaissance of Work provides a fresh and refreshingly optimistic insight into how we’ll work in the future.”

Ryan AndersonDirector of Future TechnologyHerman Miller

“As the digital workplace becomes the borderless

enterprise, this book demonstrates pragmatic foresight on the integration of, and augmentation with technology, never losing sight of the fact that humans are at the center of the digital workplace.”

Steven TiellGlobal Head Technology VisionAccenture

“The future work agenda is gathering pace –

in this optimistic and informative book, Miller and Marsh offer a guide to the thorny challenge of making digital workplace strategies more human.”

Alison MaitlandCo-authorFuture Work

“One of the most comprehensive, complete and compelling journeys

toward the new frontier of the Digital Workplace. The latest work by Paul Miller and Elizabeth Marsh offers one of the most thorough roadmaps for the Digital Traveller, who wants to be ready for the work environment of tomorrow. Nothing is omitted from this powerful narrative, that touches on technology, but also on processes and even the psychology and ethical make up of the Digital Workplace of the future”

Giovanni PiazzaGlobal Head – Information and Knowledge ManagementJohnson & Johnson – Discovery Sciences

“The impact of accelerating digital and physical convergence

as our work life transforms toward the digital + physical blur is well represented in this new book by Paul Miller and Elizabeth Marsh. Digital workplace transformation will enhance human performance and innovation across all industry sectors. Digital workplace transformation will further enrich our daily human life experience and our daily work life experiences.”

Peter MiscovichManaging Director Strategy + InnovationJLL (Jones Lang LaSalle)

“This book gets to thefundamentals of work

in the digital realm of organisations today. Miller and co-author Marsh offer a humanist perspective on the fast digitisation of what used to be office-based work. It first stimulates our thinking and then based on the vast and rich history of the Digital Workplace Group situates these ideas in real and practical case material. This book will prepare you for the new age of work in organisations.”

John BaptistaAssociate Professor of Information SystemsWarwick Business School

“Help is at hand!I’ve just read a well-researched

and practical book by Paul Miller and Elizabeth Marsh, ‘The Digital Renaissance of Work’… What appeals to me about this book is that it avoids thoroughly the technological determinist approach and looks at collaboration, team work and so on from a human perspective, aided by technology. It also avoids the ‘lump of labour’ fallacy, that there is a fixed quantity of work in the economy or a firm.”

Chris Yapp (read the full review)Technology & Policy FuturologistBCS – The Chartered Institute for IT

“Two billion jobs will be lostby 2030… and that’s a good thing?

So says Paul Miller, author of the newly released book “The Digital Renaissance of Work: Delivering Digital Workplace Fit for the Future.” Miller is quick to point out those lost jobs are menial, routine jobs which will be eliminated through automation technology. At the same time, new, more satisfying jobs will replace the lost ones.”

David Lavenda (read the full article)Technology Strategist,

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