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  • 12 things to consider as you embark on digital skills initiatives in your organization

    In DWG’s 2017 Member Survey, we asked about digital literacy initiatives for the first time. This is an area where many companies are active, with interventions ranging from basic elements such as online guides, e-learning modules, or hints and ...

  • Introducing the four dimensions of Digital Workplace 2030

    The practice of looking into the future and forming well-considered ideas about what we might find there requires of us both rigour and creativity. Organizations often use a 10-year timeframe for this process in order to stimulate creativity and suspend ...

  • Five key approaches for a successful integrated digital workplace

    Digital Workplace Integration front cover

    When most organizations develop a digital workplace strategy, or design an intranet which seeks to be a “front door” to that wider digital workplace, they are almost always seeking to create a more integrated experience of disparate systems, data and ...

  • 5 steps toward setting up a digital workplace user experience programme

    In a new report for DWG members, “Setting up a user experience programme: The path to a user-centred digital workplace”, user experience expert and DWG benchmarker Andrea M. Lewis makes the case for user experience (UX) and sets out the ...

  • Measuring the digital workplace

    Several months back, DWG challenged me to extend our member research on metrics – including a look at additional measurements to gauge the wider digital workplace programme in areas such as email, unified communications and social network analysis. The resulting ...

  • Why digital workplace transformation starts with digital leadership

    front cover of The Inside-Out DW Leader

    Successful digital transformation – both inside and outside the organization – starts with digital leadership. Yet many leaders are struggling to understand how to evolve their leadership capabilities in the digital world of work and truly to understand the potential ...

  • How can I know if my organization is ready for digital working?

    We’ve all been there. You hear about a new app intended to help you change your habits. You download it to your phone. It’s life-changing for a few days, or even weeks. “This is it,” you marvel, “my life is ...

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