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About My Beautiful Intranet 2014

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Celebrating intranets and their champions

Celebrating intranets and intranet teams
We take intranets seriously. But they should also be fun.

If you manage an intranet, you probably take it seriously too. But there’s more to intranets than just technology projects; they’re about people as much as anything else.

Intranets sit at the crossroads of:

  • Internal communications and daily productivity
  • IT and organizational development
  • HR and user experience design
  • Technology and human behavior.

And behind each good intranet you’ll find a good intranet team.

The My Beautiful Intranet 2014 contest celebrates the hard won successes of committed intranet teams.

Contest timeline: winners announced June 3rd

  • Submission deadline: Friday, May 16th, 2014
  • Voting deadline: Friday, May 23rd, 2014
  • Winners announced: Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014
  • Eligibility: Intranet and digital workplace teams only, no vendors or consultants.

We will announce the winners (two of them, one for each track of the competition) on the June 2nd episode of Digital Workplace Live.

Two tracks: 1) intranet and 2) mobile site/app

Mobile intranet contest - My Beautiful Intranet 2014 217pxMy Beautiful Intranet Goes Mobile

Mobile intranets are finally coming of age, at least for digital workplace teams on the leading edge. So this year’s competition includes two separate contests.

There’s no prohibition against entering both contests. If you have a good intranet and mobile intranet/app, please submit two entries, one for each contest track.

Submission terms & conditions

Publicly visible screenshots

By submitting your intranet screenshot to the My Beautiful Intranet competition you agree to make it visible to the public for the foreseeable future. The image will remain on the Digital Workplace Group website beyond the close of the competition.

Non-commercial re-use by Digital Workplace Group

The Digital Workplace Group can re-use submitted screenshots to promote the competition itself and in publicly available material on the website and on connected social media sites such as Pinterest and SlideShare.

The Digital Workplace Group will not use submitted screenshots for products or services that are for individual sale (e.g. we will not use them for direct commercial benefit).

Thank you very much for joining the contest and please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Voting and judging: checks and balances

Open voting, please be honest

Casting votes in a visual competition like this is fun, so we’ve made it open to everyone.

Please vote responsibly – you can vote for as many entries as you like, please only vote once for any individual entry.

Judging based partially on top-rated entries

Like the popular “Idol” shows from around the world, My Beautiful Intranet employees a combination of viewer voting and judging by a panel.

Our judges will review the top vote-getting entries to find those that truly stand out. They will also review the full field of entries to find any submissions that the voting public may have overlooked. They will then select a winner and a runner up.

Judging criteria

  • Use of good visual design standards
  • Creativity in applying visuals that enhance a site’s impact
  • Cleanliness and clarity of the design
  • Apparent usability (you can only be scientific through user testing)
  • Functionality and usefulness

Prize package: 5 things for intranet teams

Winners of this year’s competition will receive a package of prizes, all linked to intranets and the teams behind them.

  1. A trophy, of course

    What’s a global intranet competition without trophies? We’ll send this one to each of the winners after we announce them on Digital Workplace Live on June 3rd.

  2. Paid team lunch with our UX doctor

    One of DWG’s specialties is intranet usability benchmarking – we pioneered the practice. Each of the two winning teams will get to spend a dedicated session with one of our user experience experts over a team lunch paid for by DWG.

  3. 10 copies of new book on digital workplace strategy

    DWG CEO Paul Miller and DWG Head of Research Elizabeth Marsh have a new book about how to successfully implement a world class digital workplace, coming out in October. Upon publication of the book each of the winning teams will receive 10 free copies.

  4. Appearance on Digital Workplace Live

    After over six years of monthly webinars, Digital Workplace Live (formerly known as “IBF Live”) has become a pillar of the intranet and digital workplace community.

    Each of the winning teams will get to demo their intranet or mobile site/app live on an upcoming episode of Digital Workplace Live.

  5. In-depth write-up on the DWG blog

    Our team will promote the heck out of your site with a full write-up explaining what makes your intranet or mobile site/app so good. You could end up “internet famous”!

Share the contest online

Official hashtag: #mbicontest

See all the contest photos

Prize package

We’ve designed a multi-part prize package that should satisfy any intranet or digital workplace team.

Prize package for My Beautiful Intranet 2014

This “gift bag” includes a free session with one of our user experience evaluators, 10 copies of “Digital Renaissance of Work” – a new book soon to be released, and more.

See the full prize package »

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