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My Beautiful Intranet 2014

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My Beautiful Intranet 2014

blue ribbonIs over, butwill be back…

The My Beautiful Intranet competition lets hard-working intranet and digital workplace teams take the spotlight.

See the winners of the 2014 contest.

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See the 2013 entries for My Beautiful Intranet (Goes Social).

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Submissions, voting, deadlines, criteria

  • Submission deadline: Friday, May 16th, 2014
  • Voting deadline: Friday, May 23rd, 2014
  • Winners announced: Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014
  • Eligibility: Intranet teams only, no vendors or consultants.

We will announce the winners (two of them, one for each contest) on the June 3rd episode of Digital Workplace Live.

While we appreciate enthusiasm about intranets, obviously patterned voting by groups of individuals or bots will be factored in in determining the finalists for the contest.

Prize package for winning teams

Receive a free session with one of DWG’s Usability Evaluators, 10 copies of the new book Digital Renaissance of Work, an appearance on Digital Workplace Live and, of course, a trophy.
Prize package for My Beautiful Intranet 2014
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My Beautiful Intranet 2014 Contest

Contest Ended

Anything, anywhere, anytime with The Wire | TalkTalk Group

In a truly digital workplace we anticipated that if we did things right, we were going to generate a lot of data: peer-to-peer and group conversations, documents being created, modified and shared, process workflows needing to automatically communicate with stakeholders, …
831 Votes

Building our Community at Omicron!

As developers, designers and builders, Omicron Canada is in the business of creating sustainable, enduring communities. When we launched our new intranet in April 2013, we wanted to replicate this sense of community internally and connect people within our various …

630 Votes

Edge: Chalhoub’s Cutting Edge Intranet

Chalhoub Group have created a digital hub to unify the marketing division across 9 countries in the Middle East. It has 3 principals:

Community: Get everyone interacting, sharing ideas and successes, and networking with colleagues across the Group.

27 Votes

Beautiful, beautifuller, beautifullest: why we get in touch across 13 countries

Do you know the secret of true beauty? True beauty comes from keeping it simple, from being helpful, from welcoming new opportunities with open arms. That’s why beauty gets attention. And that’s why we happily work with ‘in touch’ across …

654 Votes

Connected – A great leap for AmBank Group intranet

Connected is the mark of a great leap for AmBank Group (Malaysia) corporate intranet. Launched in June 2012, it is a single platform designed for communication, knowledge sharing and people engagement. Simple web-like interface reflects modernization of our intranet that …

2413 Votes

CMA Live

Welcome to CMA Live! It’s a our brand-new intranet for a brand-new organisation. We’ve only existed since 1 April 2014, so this intranet is still a baby.

28 Votes

ICF International’s Intranet

ICF International provides professional services and technology solutions that deliver beneficial impact in areas critical to the world’s future.Our company intranet – launched in 2013 in SharePoint 2013 – supports more than 4,500 employees and contractors based at Headquarters in …

107 Votes

HR Portal | Wells Fargo intranet

Since 2012, Wells Fargo’s in-house cross-functional team has been steadily reimagining Corporate HR intranet spaces. Spurred by a platform change from OpenText to SharePoint, we started from the ground up, auditing thousands of assets, revisiting business and communications goals, earning …

236 Votes

Vote Vinarco, a truly beautiful intranet that really helps us get work done!

Vinarco, our intranet is helping us to move to a paperless system, increasing efficiency and productivity within the business.

We are in the early stages, but our Interact Intranet is enabling us to move away from internal email to a …

228 Votes

:MYWORKSPACE | MSC UK’s new platform for social collaboration

Launched on 9th December 2013 :MYWORKSPACE has been warmly welcomed by our UK team as a platform for open communication, collaborative working and a new channel to share information. Replacing an old-fashioned system which was impersonal and difficult to navigate, …

3552 Votes

If there’s any intranet that should win the Beautiful Intranet contest, it has got to be me –

Hi, my name is sharOn and it stands for sharing Our network. I joined PUB back in 2008. If you take a closer look at my name above, the overlapping speech bubbles form the “O”. That’s because …

1002 Votes

IGNITE – The site that sets ARI aflame

IGNITE your day! That’s the ARI way. Our global intranet launched merely a year ago; yet, in that short time the site has become an institutional fixture. Simply put, IGNITE is the place to go for what you need. In …

56736 Votes

Inside Unum – How we get the job done! | Unum intranet

Presenting an interactive environment that provides over 10,000 U.S., U.K. and Ireland employees a place to stay connected, learn, and collaborate. Inside Unum delivers access to HR self-service tools, roles-based links to access all work related systems (both internal and …

132 Votes

Say hello to Arthur, ACCA’s social intranet

Arthur was launched in May 2013, bringing together over 1,100 staff located in 91 global offices and centres.  Arthur is a collaborative space combining publishing and online sharing, with work-related content, a staff directory, news, communities, forums, blogs, and …

75 Votes

The Loop – THE place to connect, communicate & collaborate | Children’s Trust intran

The Children’s Trust is the UK’s leading charity for children with brain injury.  Ultimately we’re here to help the children and their families – so our intranet is a place where our staff can all share our successes, …

28029 Votes

Arcor Group New Intranet: a new way to communicate

Arcor’s New Intranet was launched on January 2014 and was aimed at twenty thounsand empleoyees in every head offices around the world. Sharepoint technology is the plataform in which the intranet is supported inspired by 2.0 social networks tendencies.


6524 Votes

The Lounge – the place we all go to hang out. | Business Environment intranet

The Business Environment vision… Together, we are building the Business lifestyle everyone wants.

We run our business as we run our home. We care. We go above and beyond for our clients both externally and, most importantly, internally. We like …

473 Votes

Albert – social, collaborative, engaging. | Quality Practice intranet

Albert helps GPs and practices work together in groups and federations. It’s more than an intranet and file sharing software, it’s designed to help manage networks.

Albert has been designed for the primary care community. It has an intelligence store …

78 Votes

The Schweb | Charles Schwab intranet

A simple, clean look for the intranet styled around the Charles Schwab brand colors.  The prevalent feature on the page is rotating corporate stories that are updated daily.  Additional key features are the people search, with auto-suggest, and the information …

1456 Votes

“The Core” – Suncor’s beautiful intranet

Here at Suncor, our intranet “The Core” transforms the way we work, communicate, collaborate and interact, wherever we are in the world. Recent updates to the visual style of our home page align with the fresh new corporate brand we …

1305 Votes

Voyager – Your Gateway to Delivering a Remarkable Experience | World Travel Holdings intranet

Our intranet is social engagement at its best. We use a variety of widgets and custom content and graphics to visually tell our company’s story. Further, our intranet is very much a channel for two-way dialogue. From employees walls to …

28 Votes

A Thriving intranet – iThrive | Thrivent Financial intranet

iThrive is the source of news and information for the organization, garnering over 1 million views per month. Recent blogs, top stories, articles for managers and workplace & personal news are available right up front. The Planner is the repository …

109 Votes

Social Intranet@RB | Roland Berger intranet

The all-new Roland Berger social intranet was launched in July 2013.

It combines employee communication, collaboration, information and applications in one digital workplace.

The homepage is dominated by a completely personalized newsfeed, showing social activities from colleagues and communities …

904 Votes

Inside Adobe | Adobe intranet

The all-new Inside Adobe launched in August 2013 and represented a complete reconstruction of the Adobe corporate intranet. The new Inside Adobe merged several separate intranet sites into one unified platform and dramatically simplified the navigation experience, organizing frequently-accessed sites …

1144 Votes

Holmes – the original (and best) sexy intranet | Wheatley Group intranet

Look at my intranet! LOOK AT IT!

It’s glorious and magnificent. And even more importantly, it’s utterly vital to my colleagues. Holmes is used by more than 90% of our staff daily and 94% of people who responded to our …

2100 Votes

The Home of the Oddball – General Intranet | Spectrum Association Management, LP intranet

We call ourselves Oddballs because finding excellent customer service is an odd/unusual thing to find these days.  Therefore we are called oddballs because of the “odd”  (in a good way) service we provide.  We launched our intranet early this year.  …

28 Votes

Landscape – Legal & General intranet

We relaunched our intranet known as Landscape for Legal & General in March 2011 and since then we have continually evolved it from a repository for policy information into a portal of real time company-wide news for our UK employees …

1050 Votes

My Beautiful Mobile Intranet 2014 Contest

Contest Ended

Making Smiles – Johnson & Johnson AsiaPac CSR Campaign

Johnson & Johnson support some great charities by providing surgical instruments for life saving surgery for children who are born with a cleft lip or palate. Much of this great work takes place across the Asia Pacific region, and employees …

305 Votes

Verizon’s “About You” HR Portal

Verizon is passionate about providing the highest quality resources to its 200,000+ employees, and Human Resources is a huge part of what makes the company tick. The “About You” portal is the one-stop shop for all our employees to get …

7012 Votes

PC Finder mobile web app

The University of Liverpool’s ‘PC Finder’ mobile web app was built by our in-house development team, in response to feedback from students that it could be difficult to find an available PC on campus at peak times – particularly during …

177 Votes

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