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Digital Workplace 24 is back for 2015!

May 20th & 21st

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DW24 in 2013 is over, but the videos live on!

Digital Workplace 24 has come to an end, but the entire programme is available in segmented video clips, sortable by technology platform, sector and topic.

These recordings include live tours of: IKEA’s mobile experience for frontline staff, Virgin Media’s collaboration platform with integrated unified communications, Alaska Airlines’ iPad app for pilots and so much more.

Screenshot of Video PlayerHow to access the DW24 video library

Find the hours & topics that work for you

Digital Workplace 24 will start the journey from our studio in London and then move to New York, Los Angeles, Sydney, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Amsterdam and back to London. Here is just a taste of what we have agreed already – check the evolving schedule of special guests, announcements and live tours.

Times shown are GMT – expand to see local times and more details of each section.

11:00-12:00 - See IKEA's Digital Workplace. They are also joined by studio guests AppMyCity and Peter Miscovich, Managing Director at Jones Lang LaSalle

ikea square copy IKEA offers an opportunity to dive inside their pioneering digital workplace, across email, phone and intranet and they include HR, corporate communications and travel/meetings.


peter miscovichPeter J. Miscovich is Managing Director at Jones Lang LaSalle. His current responsibilities include Executive Management consulting with expertise in Corporate Real Estate Leading Practices, Emerging Technologies, Enterprise Mobility, Innovation, Merger Integration, Performance Improvement, Program Management, Social Media and Workplace Transformation solutions for Global Fortune 500 companies across multiple industry sectors.

Time: 1pm Paris, 12noon London, 7am New York, 4am Los Angeles

12:00-13:00 - Virgin Media Tour and and hear from Rebecca Richmond Chief Operating Officer at Melcrum Ltd

leon benjaminLéon Benjamin, who heads up Virgin Media’s enterprise social business initiative, gives us a live tour of Virgin Media’s exciting new collaboration and social platform (based on CISCO technology) and talks about related approaches to enable employees to work flexibly.


rebecca richmondRebecca Richmond, Chief Operating Officer at Melcrum Ltd. will share highlights from her latest research on Internal Communications Measurement and Evaluation. Tune in to learn how to develop metrics around digital messaging and channels to ensure your impact and success are on par with those of any other critical business function.

Time: 2pm Paris, 1pm London, 8am New York, 5am Los Angeles

13:00-14:00 - Join us for a Live Tour of MyRoyalMail and Steve Faktor, co founder of Ideafaktory joins us as a studio guest!

neil barnett royal mailNeil Barnett is the digital channels manager for the Royal Mail Group, taking the digital lead in the planned privatisation of the group during the coming months. Neil is a founding member of the Digital Workplace Group which now covers all aspects of the digital workplace and is also a fellow member of the Institute of Internal Communications (IoIC) Neil has also been a Judge for the IVCA annual awards for three years running.

steve faktorSteve Faktor is founder and CEO of IdeaFaktory, which helps companies bring innovations to market. Steve is a futurist, digital commerce expert, and author of Econovation about capitalizing on the end of consumerism and rise of “producerism”. As an executive at American Express, Citi and MasterCard, Steve has created several $100M+ businesses and deployed multiple enterprise innovation programs. Steve writes provocative articles on innovation and entrepreneurship for Forbes, Harvard Business Review, and LinkedIn‘s Influencer program. He has keynoted major events for CFO Magazine, New York University, Harvard, PDMA, Frost & Sullivan, BlogWorld and numerous private corporate events.


Time: 3pm Paris, 2pm London, 9am New York, 6am Los Angeles

14:00-15:00 - Live tour from Stora Enso. Plus Dan Pontefract, a global authority on social learning and author of “The Flat Army” and Rachel Happe, Co-founder and Principal of the Community Roundtable join us in the studio for an panel session on enterprise social.

CSmjv1Ulrika MacgregorCharlotte Sperling and Ulrika MacGregor, based in Sweden, take us on a live tour of global printing and packaging company Stora Enso’s brand new digital workplace. Using SharePoint 2013, Stora Enso’s story is a great example of how different functions can collaborate to create an integrated environment.

Dan Pontefract is Head of Learning & Collaboration at TELUS and a global authority on social learning. Tune in to see a live tour of the Learning 2.0 programme at TELUS, and hear Dan Pontefract discussing his new book “The Flat Army.”

rachel happe How do you truly engage leaders with social business initiatives? What are their expectations? Rachel Happe, Co-founder and Principal of the Community Roundtable, joins us to share the latest findings from her “Social Executive” research.


Time: 4pm Paris, 3pm London, 10am New York, 7am Los Angeles

15:00-16:00 - Live tour with Accenture - Stephen Kaukonen senior manager and Thomas Hsu manager on the Global KM team at Accenture offer up an exciting live tour, plus special guest Internal Communications and Media Strategist Rachel Miller joins us in the studio.

accenture logoAs part of Accenture’s program to drive the appropriate collaboration behaviors across the organization, their gamification-powered recognition program is one of its key strategies to encourage colleagues to collaborate and share. Listen to how Accenture developed their existing program and the impact it has made and the plans in place to take it to the next level!

Thomas Hsu headshotThomas Hsu is a subject matter expert in social collaboration at Accenture, where he helps define the company’s internal collaboration strategies. He is also a certified gamification expert and leads Accenture’s Gamification community of practice. Thomas is a KMWorld 2011, KMWorld 2012, Gamification Summit 2013 and APQC 2013 speaker.

steve kaukonen headshotSteve Kaukonen is part of Accenture’s Social Learning team that helps employees collaborate by sharing their insights and experiences while connecting to the knowledge needed to do their jobs. Specifically, Mr. Kaukonen is focused on how to bring awareness to and increase the adoption of collaboration and sharing across Accenture’s organization of 280,000 employees.

RachelMiller2Rachel Miller, an Internal Communications and Social Media strategist who has worked with large companies from around the world, will be giving her perspectives on internal communications within an increasingly social and digital workplace.


Time: 5pm Paris, 4pm London, 11am New York, 8am Los Angeles

16:00-17:00 - Tune in to hear freelance Product Development Consultant Tyler Goodwin, talk about the new Nairobi retail concept Smart Life and Jesús Vega, CEO of Retail and HR Consultancy Fansipan and former HR General Director of Zara-Inditex joins us as Studio Guest

smartlife-is-open-for-business-selling-pure-drinking-water-2 tyler goodwin SmartLife is a new retail concept in Nairobi, Kenya aimed at becoming East Africa’s first healthy living store accessible by consumers of all income levels. The team has implemented several interesting technologies to help them bring a high-touch service experience to the mass market – and has learned some valuable lessons along the way!

jesus vega 150x150Jesús Vega has worked as Human Resources General Director of Zara-Inditex, the biggest and fast-growth fashion retail Group. Currently he is the CEO of Fansipan, Retail and Human Resources Consultancy. He is the author of The Sensual Company, which has been translated into 9 languages and published in more than 20 countries of the Americas, Asia and Europe.

Time: 6pm Paris, 5pm London, 12 noon New York, 9am Los Angeles

17:00-18:00 - IBM Live Tour and American author, speaker, business strategist, blogger, and journalist Evan Rosen joins the panel to talk about his new book

ibm logo During this hour take a deep dive into IBM’s digital workplace and their intranet, which is known as “w3” and has been recognised as one of the best and most advanced intranets in the world.
evan-rosen-lrgEvan Rosen is the author of The Bounty Effect: 7 Steps to The Culture of Collaboration®. The book, which will be released in May of 2013, shows how to change the structure of organizations for collaboration. Evan is also author of The Culture of Collaboration®, Gold Medal Winner in the Axiom Business Book Awards. Rosen leads an interdisciplinary team at The Culture of Collaboration® Institute. His work has been featured in many media outlets including the Wall Street Journal, Investor’s Business Daily, MIT Technology Review, the Washington Post, the Washington Times, CNBC, CBS News and CNN. Rosen is a columnist for Bloomberg and writes The Culture of Collaboration® blog. More information is available at

Time: 7pm Paris, 6pm London, 1pm New York, 10am Los Angeles

18:00-19:00 - Live tour from Tieto with Markus Mathar, plus Kevin Rettle, Director of Marketing, Insight and Innovation at Sodexo join us in the studio to talk about their 2013 workplace trends report.

tieto logoThe Tieto intranet is highly social and highly integrated for a seamless user experience across people, apps and content. Join Markus Mathar, Future Office Evangelist from Tieto, as he shows us their truly transformational digital workplace.

sodexo logo large kevin rettle sodexoSodexo is one of the largest facilities management and food service companies in the world, with 380,000 employees, representing 130 nationalities, present on 34,000 sites in 80 countries. The Sodexo 2013 Workplace Trends Report is a compilation of pressing business issues that are top of mind for organizations looking to be more productive and grow. Kevin Rettle, Director of Marketing, Insight and Innovation at Sodexo, will discuss new technologies and how workspaces are adapting to fit the way people work — instead of the other way around.

Time: 8pm Paris, 7pm London, 2pm New York, 11am Los Angeles

19:00-20:00 - Exciting live tour of SAP Lab's gamification initiatives lead by innovation strategist Mario Herger. Joined in the studio by Patrick Stacey from Lancaster University and also listen to Euan Semple the author of ‘Organisations Don’t Tweet People Do’.

SAP Developer TeamMario Herger from SAP Labs – the collection of agile, innovation-focused units throughout SAP – will give us an exciting live tour of SAP’s gamification initiatives and talks about the contents of his new book on enterprise gamification.


euan semple 150Euan Semple, the author of ‘Organisations Don’t Tweet People Do’ and social business guru with six years of unparalleled experience working with organisations such as BP, The World Bank and NATO joins us as studio guest.


patrick staceyDr Patrick Stacey is a Lecturer/Assistant Professor of Information Systems at Lancaster University Management School. One of his main research interests is in the socio-technical dimensions of computer game development. Therein there are 4 main themes he addresses: multidisciplinary collaboration, process and modes of practice, emotion, and distributed work.

Time: 9pm Paris, 8pm London, 3pm New York, 12 noon Los Angeles

20:00-21:00 - Coming up in this exciting hour a Telepresence robot test drive takes place live on Digital Workplace 24! Sayeed Choudry from John Hopkins University and Puja Nanda, Strategy Consultant for Learning and Workplace Environments join us to discuss communication platforms in the academic workplace. Plus management expert and author from Northwestern University Leigh Thompson joins as a special guest.

tim lenihan robotsTelepresence robot test drive! Tim Lenihan directs Business Strategy at Anybots, and will talk about how telepresence robots are entering the workplace to aid collaboration. We’ll also be putting QB the robot to the test!


Puja1_2012sayeed7Puja Nanda, Strategy Consultant for Learning and Workplace Environments, will present the opportunities and challenges with different platforms of communication within the academic workplace to engage faculty, staff and students across the globe. Her clients at Johns Hopkins UniversitySayeed Choudhury, Principal Investigator for the Data Conservancy will describe and demonstrate the Johns Hopkins Brody Learning Commons visualization wall, a high-resolution, 25 megapixel display system intended for research in multi-user gestural interaction with extremely large imagery and datasets. This visualization wall has been installed as a research laboratory within the Brody Learning Commons but also as a means for new ways to visualize large datasets and collaborate with researchers across the network.

Headshot leigh_thompson_5x7Professor Leigh Thompson is a management expert in the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and author of the new book Creative Conspiracy: The New Rules of Breakthrough Collaboration. Dr. Thompson’s research focuses on work-based conflict and team creativity and collaboration.

Time: 10pm Paris, 9pm London, 4pm New York, 1pm Los Angeles

21:00-22:00 - Live intranet tours from Quintiles, URC-CHS and Open Road plus both Chris Mcgrath from Thoughtfarmer and Director of Consulting at PSFK Scott Lachut join us in the studio.

ccoleman2Claire Coleman is a web developer and web management expert with 20 years of professional experience. Currently, she is the Web Manager for University Research Co., LLC, where she manages the company’s web presence. Her work includes managing project websites and developing new website features, overseeing web development projects, monitoring and reporting on website usage, evaluating and making recommendations on new web technologies and trends, training staff on the use of various web-related tools, and developing and advising on the company’s web-related policies.

gordon open roadAs Vice President and a Partner at OpenRoad, Gordon Ross has been instrumental in the company’s success during the past 16 years. Gordon’s interdisciplinary approach has made him a natural interface for web projects, blending business insight, user experience design, and technical understanding. Gordon’s recent projects include BC Hydro’s customer portal project, web strategy for the City of Vancouver, the redesign of, redesign of Mountain Equipment Coop’s e-commerce website, and web strategy and development work for the World Bank, Vancouver Public Library, CGA-Canada, BC Ministry of Transportation, the Legal Services Society, the Ministry of Attorney General, the District of Columbia Courts, and Vancouver’s St Paul’s Hospital. He also provides strategic input and engagement partner services for OpenRoad’s social intranet product, ThoughtFarmer.

scott-lachut imageScott Lachut, Director of Consulting at PSFK, will be talking about the trends contained in PSFK’s “Future of Work” report, as well as sharing examples of cutting-edge workplace technology and innovative approaches.


Time: 11pm Paris, 10pm London, 5pm New York, 2pm Los Angeles

22:00-23:00 - From XL Group, John Flannery VP of Online Communications and Marketing and Rich Williams VP Web and Portal Services join from New York to give a live tour of XL World and Matt Cooper, VP of Enterprise Solutions at oDesk joins us in the studio

john flannery xl group logo rich williams

XL Group, a financial services company headquartered in Ireland, has an intranet that resembles a personal desktop, allowing users to add their own personal photo as wallpaper on the homepage, and add and sort their own favorite links. And it’s built on… SharePoint.

matt cooper odeskMatt Cooper, VP of Enterprise Solutions at oDesk, talks about how distributed work and using freelancers from all over the world is now starting to enjoy take-up in even the largest enterprise

Time: 12 midnight Paris, 11pm London, 6pm New York, 3pm Los Angeles

23:00-00:00 - Product innovator Roie Edery gives us a tour of IPC's intranet and Steve Kang from Toyota joins us a studio guest!

ipcAt IPC, social networking attains new levels of relevance and interactivity for hospital doctors (hospitalists), including an activity stream with embedded video and real-time user feedback that is channeled into the company’s innovation management system. Join us to hear more!


steve kang Steve Kang is the lead manager responsible for the implementation of Toyota’s global enterprise social network. Recently Toyota migrated their custom-built enterprise social networking software to a SaaS provider. He is primarily responsible for the implementation of Chatter for global Toyota.

Time: 1am Paris, 12 midnight London, 7pm New York, 4pm Los Angeles

00:00-01:00 - Bob Hackett is VP, Information Services at Weston Solutions will share their award winning intranet plus founder of Worldwide Intranet Challenge Andrew Wright joins us as a studio guest, along with Kate Rezucha from Esurance.

bob hackett weston solutions The Weston Solutions intranet recently underwent a dramatic transformation – based on an 8-stage transformation process based on John Kotter’s seminal work – catapulting it from #47 to #1 in the Worldwide Intranet Challenge (WIC). Their Intranet was also a gold winner of the Step Two 2012 intranet innovation awards.

WIC logoAndrew Wright founder of the popular Worldwide Intranet Challenge (WIC) joins us to talk about the future of intranets and the digital workplace.


Time: 2am Paris, 1am London, 8pm New York, 5pm Los Angeles

01:00-02:00 - Alaska Airlines join us in the Studio to talk about the company's use of Ipads and Ann Bamesberger, Principal of Co3 Group and recognised thought-leader in workplace design and collaborative technologies a joins us as a studio guest.

FreemanCaptain Jim Freeman from Alaska Airlines takes us through the company’s fascinating and transformative use of iPads at the airline.




anne bamesbergerAnn Bamesberger is the principal of Co3 Group and is one of the early pioneers of flexible work programs. This hour she will be giving us her thoughts on integrating technology with the physical workplace.


Time: 3am Paris, 2am London, 9pm New York, 6pm Los Angeles

02:00-03:00 - Australian design studio Woods Bagot joins us in the studio plus studio guest Michael Sampson.

woods bagot felicity scott henderson


Design studio Woods Bagot has deployed SharePoint 2013 in a pilot project and is now streamlining its business processes and better supporting its highly collaborative work environment
Time: 4am Paris, 3am London, 10pm New York, 7pm Los Angeles

03:00-04:00 - AppMyCity Semi-Finalist live tour, plus studio guests Peter Williams, Chief Edge Officer, Centre for the Edge, Deloitte and a look at the My Beautiful Intranet winner International Enterprise Singapore with Shah Mohd Ishak and Maish Nichani from PebbleRoad

IES image copyWinner of the 2012 DWG’s My Beautiful Intranet (Goes Social) competition International Enterprise Singapore an agency that spearheads the overseas growth of Singapore-based companies and promotes international trade. Find out what made this intranet so beautiful!


maishMaish Nichani is Managing Director, PebbleRoad Pte Ltd., based in Singapore. Maish is a well-respected thought leader and a practitioner in the field of user experience design. His focus is on building a culture of innovation at PebbleRoad. He holds Masters Degree in Instructional Design from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.


Williams_Peter_200Peter Williams is a recognised thought leader and practitioner in innovation with a particular focus on digital innovation. Peter has been the Chairman of Deloitte’s Innovation Council since 2004 and been involved in numerous innovation projects for Deloitte and clients over the course of his career. Peter is the obvious person to lead the newly formed Australian chapter of the Centre for the Edge, a Silicon Valley Applied Research Centre chaired by two technology luminaries John Hagel III and John Seely Brown. The Centre’s mission is to identify and explore emerging opportunities related to big shifts that aren’t yet on the senior management agenda, but ought to be. While it is focused on long-term trends and opportunities, it is equally focused on implications for near-term action, the day-to-day environment of executives.

Time: 5am Paris, 4am London, 11am New York, 8pm Los Angeles

04:00-05:00 - Join us for a live tour of ThoughtWorks social intranet plus Nirmala Palaniappan, Senior Manager & KM Head at Oracle APAC and James Robertson from Step Two Designs joining as special guests!

thoughtworks copymyThoughtWorks is a Jive-based social intranet that is turning into a hugely valuable knowledge commons and collaboration hub for ThoughtWorks, a global IT consultancy with offices in US, UK, Germany, China, Australia, Canada, South Africa, India, Singapore and Brazil.

nikhilthoughtworksNikhil Nulkar is Social Collaboration & Strategy Consultant / Community Manager at ThoughtWorks in Bangalore, India. He is instrumental in strategizing, evaluating, configuring, launching and running the MyThoughtWorks internal social collaboration platform.


Oracle-2012 nirmalaNirmala Palaniappan is Senior Manager & KM Head – Oracle APAC, where she leads the Social Enterprise initiative for Oracle’s Asia Pacific Tech Units. Prior to Oracle, Nirmala conceived a KM framework, methodology and a toolkit which was awarded a patent in the U.S. in February 2010. Nirmala has also authored and presented several KM papers at national and international conferences on KM implementation, collaboration, toolkits, blogging and innovation. She has lead projects on Intranets, Document Management Systems, After Action Reviews and Community Platforms. Her recent projects include Expertise Maps, Social Networking and Knowledge Discovery, Narratives, and Mobile Applications.

Time: 6am Paris, 7am London, 12 midnight New York, 9pm Los Angeles

05:00-06:00 - Tune in to see Indian based finance company Tata Capital's engaging intranet plus Elaine Lipworth joins us as a special guest in the studio

TC logo with lime band + tag line copyVeetika Deoras is Head of Brand Marketing & Communication at Tata Capital Limited. Tune in to see their engaging intranet featuring a single interface to all employee tools, two-way communication channels, and a loyalty programme that aims to build participation.

elaine lipworthElaine Lipworth is a British broadcast producer and leading film journalist based in Los Angeles. She conducts cover interviews with Hollywood’s leading stars for a wide range of UK publications including You Magazine; Live Magazine, and Mail Weekend (Mail on Sunday supplements), Stella (The Telegraph’s supplement) and the Sunday Times Style. Her recent cover interviews include exclusive interviews with Gwyneth Paltrow, Anne Hathaway, Julianne Moore, Kirsten Dunst, Rachel Weisz, Reese Witherspoon, Michael Caine, Anthony Hopkins, Denzel Washington, Jake Gyllenhaal and Jeff Bridges. In addition Elaine writes regularly for the Telegraph, Times, Guardian, Independent, Metro plus many of the women’s Magazines such as Easy Living, Cosmo, Look, In Style, Woman and Home, Psychologies and Red, Vanity Fair plus a variety of Australian Magazines.

Time: 7am Paris, 6am London, 1am New York, 10pm Los Angeles

06:00-07:00 - Live tour of AMP's new social intranet

Luke March 2013 med copyLuke Sinclair, Community Manager at AMP, gives us a live tour of AMP’s brand new social intranet The Hub. Using Newsgator, the new intranet delivers an integrated experience bringing together published content, collaboration sites and social interactivity in a single, unified place for AMP employees to do their work.

Time: 8am Paris, 7am London, 2am New York, 11pm Los Angeles

07:00-08:00 - ENTER Live Tour, plus studio guest Stephan Schillerwein, Director of Research, Infocentric Research AG

enterOlga holmanskih and Pavel Bolotinskiy from innovative Russian retailer Enter take us on a live tour of Enter’s award winning Jive environment, and talk about their very active use of gamification to drive a unique company culture

stephan SchillerweinStephan Schillerwein is based in Zürich, Switzerland. He is the Director of Research at Infocentric Research AG. Stephan is an intranet professional with over 10 years experience, a regular speaker at conferences and publisher of numerous intranet articles, including a page of intranet case studies.


Time: 9am Paris, 8am London, 3am New York, 12 midnight Los Angeles

08:00-09:00 - Barclays Live Tour and joining us in the studio is Tim van Waard, Intranet and social media specialist to talk about Yam Jams

dave_shepherd_head&shoulder Dave Shepherd, Head of Frontline Help at Barclays, gives us a tour of Barclays’ fantastic new mobile environment aimed at frontline staff.



Tim_van_waardTim Van Waard, intranet and social media specialist and Community Manager at Presenter joins us on the show to talk about the Yam Jams he set up to use Yammer during a crisis situation and how yammer can work for an organisation.

Time: 10am Paris, 9am London, 4am New York, 1am Los Angeles

09:00-10:00 - Live Tours from Department of Culture, Media & Sport and Coca-Cola Enterprises join us for a live tour of their award-winning iConnect intranet!

Andrew SimpsonLuke Oatham

Andrew Simpson from the Department of Culture, Media & Sport and Luke Oatham from Helpful Technology walk us through DCMS’ brand new WordPress-based intranet. Following guidelines from the UK government’s digital strategy, the new intranet is both highly effective and cost-effective. Andrew Simpson is a Senior Digital Communications Officer at the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS). Originally a marketing and events manager, Andrew joined the DCMS digital team in 2010 to help create the department’s website and launch its voice on social media after the 2010 General Election. During the 2012 London Olympics, Andrew worked in the digital strand of the Government Olympic Communications team representing the UK Government’s online voice during the Games.

Time: 11am Paris, 10am London, 5am New York, 2am Los Angeles

10:00-11:00 - Coca-Cola Live Tour and we announce the My Inspiring Workplace Winner!

Jomari Jonck and Saskia Hoppe take us on a live tour of Coca-Cola Enterprises’ award-winning iConnect intranet and employee self-service portal. iConnect combines highly attractive design with detailed functionality.

Time: 12 noon Paris, 11am London, 6am New York, 3am Los Angeles

Please note this schedule is subject to change.

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