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Digital Workplace 24 is back for 2015!

May 20th & 21st

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DW24 in 2013 is over, but the videos live on!

Digital Workplace 24 has come to an end, but the entire programme is available in segmented video clips, sortable by technology platform, sector and topic.

These recordings include live tours of: IKEA’s mobile experience for frontline staff, Virgin Media’s collaboration platform with integrated unified communications, Alaska Airlines’ iPad app for pilots and so much more.

Screenshot of Video PlayerHow to access the DW24 video library

Paul Miller

Paul Miller Paul Miller is a technology and social entrepreneur. He is CEO and Founder of the Digital Workplace Group, which includes the Digital Workplace Group (described by Oracle as “phenomenon in its industry”), the Digital Workplace Forum, and DWG Consulting Services. He is the author of the best-selling book “Mobilising the Power of What You Know” and, more recently, “The Digital Workplace: How Technology is Liberating Work”. Paul has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and was invited in 2012 to give a key note address to Microsoft’s HQ staff about the digital future of work.

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Paul Levy

Paul Levy Paul Levy is DWG’s Head of Interaction. He is a facilitator of change and innovation, a senior researcher at the University of Brighton and co-author of the book Technosophy. He is director and founder of the award-winning organizational theatre company, Rational Madness. Paul is also the author of “Digital Inferno”, a blog exploring the shadow-side of the digital workplace.


Follow Paul on Twitter @CritIncident


Ephraim Freed

ephraim Ephraim Freed is a self-confessed Intranet Nerd. There is no better way to describe the passion he brings to his work with intranets, especially intranets that incorporate social software. Inspiring this passion is the potential of intranets to engage and empower employees, facilitate good collaboration and communication, strengthen positive company culture and improve efficiency. Ephraim is also a Consultant for OpenRoad where he writes, engages in discussions, and tweets about social intranets (online marketing) and provides instructions and training to new and existing clients.

Follow Ephraim on Twitter @EphraimJF


Laurel Castiglione

laurel C Laurel Castiglione’s success leading the deployment of General Motors employee portal resulted in her recruitment to PG&E as part of the Corporate Affairs revitalization in 2009. She was charged with upgrading PG&E’s intranet to deliver an engaging intuitive user experience. The role was expanded to include all internal facing digital communication and social media channels. Laurel believes the key to her success is her focus on thinking from the perspective of the employee who is working to deliver business results. Her experience doing process and system integration and leading the program management department at GM Advanced Technology Vehicles ensures a thoughtful, planned, metrics driven approach. Laurel enjoys mentoring and coaching others. Her teams work hard but have fun delivering quality, innovative solutions.

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