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Digital Workplace 24 is over for 2015 – Thanks for joining!

Be part of an unforgettable global experience

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Download the event file for the
prime-time in your time zone.

Mobile device support

See available mobile operating system
apps and basic instructions.

Day-of viewing

Get information and help for tuning in
on the day of the big event.

Viewing party guide

See the checklist for planning a DW24
group viewing in your office.

Tweeters in residence

Learn about becoming a registered
super-tweeter for DW24.

Wide Awake Club

Find out what it takes to watch all
24 hours of DW24, nonstop.

Add DW24 to the calendar for your prime-time

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Amsterdam (CEST)

Wed, May 20th
1 pm – 6 pm CEST

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Thurs, May 21st
8 am – 1 pm CEST

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London (BST)

Wed, May 20th
12 pm – 6 pm BST

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Thurs, May 21st
8 am – 12 pm BST

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New York (EDT)

Wed, May 20th
8 am – 6 pm EDT

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No prime-time hours
for EDT on May 21st.


San Francisco (PDT)

Wed, May 20th
8 am – 6 pm PDT

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No prime-time hours
for PDT on May 21st.


Sydney (AEST)

No prime-time hours
for AEST on May 20th.

Thurs, May 21st
8 am – 6 pm AEST

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Arrange a viewing party in your office

What makes any experience better? Enjoying it with the right people!

Once you’ve signed up for #DW24, why not arrange a viewing party in your office? Invite interested colleagues and watch the live tours, demos and interviews together. This way your whole team can get intranet inspired.

Checklist for setting up a #DW24 viewing party

Make Digital Workplace 24 into an event for your whole intranet team. Use the simple checklist below to make sure your #DW24 viewing party goes off without a hitch.

Before the show

  1. Sign up for Digital Workplace 24
  2. Review the #DW24 schedule and identify the sessions that work best for your time zone
  3. Reserve a conference room for the event
  4. Confirm a computer, internet connection, projector and speakers in your conference room
  5. Order or plan out food for the viewing party
  6. Invite your colleagues
  7. Remind people to bring their iPads, laptops and smart phones into the viewing party to engage in the conversation via online social networking during the broadcast

Day of the show

    Set up a central screen and log into the the #DW24 WebEx

  1. (Optional) Prepare to call in and be on the show. Make sure there is a microphone or phone available for this purpose
  2. Register your viewing party so we know to check in with you
  3. Let us know you have joined the show using the hashtags #DW24 #viewingparty on Twitter

Mobile viewing

Experience DW24 on-the-go (or on the sofa) – you can watch and listen to #DW24 on a variety of mobile devices!

Just download the Webex Meetings app from the relevant app store, available for iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry.

You can also see more info about WebEx mobile apps.

Day-of viewing support

Log-in instructions:
If you’ve registered for DW24 you will
receive WebEx log-in details via email
on Tuesday, May 19th, the day before
the event.

DWG on Twitter:
If you have questions you can mention @DWG on Twitter for a quick response.

Email support:
If you run into problems joining then
email Skye Crawford, #DW24
Executive Producer.

Join the Wide Awake Club

Digital Workplace 24 (#DW24) is more than an event – it’s an experience. In past years attendees from around the world called in, joined the online Twitter discussions and stayed closely connected to the global community of intranet and digital workplace pros.

If you are as obsessed with intranets and the digital workplace as we are, then consider joining the Wide Awake Club for #DW24. This esteemed group of caffeine-fueled friends of the Digital Workplace Group (DWG) commits to staying up and logged in for all 24 hours of Digital Workplace 24. Or at least they’ll try to.

During past shows #DW24 hosts checked in on air with members of the Wide Awake Club throughout the show to capture unique audience perspectives.

Email Skye Crawford, #DW24 Executive Producer, if you’re interested in joining the Wide Awake Club.

Tweeters in Residence

If you’d like to join the fun on Twitter and help share #DW24 far and wide, consider becoming a “Tweeter in Residence” for the event.

Being a Tweeter in Residence includes these activities:

  • Tweet and blog about #DW24 before and after the event, and let @DWG know so we can RT
  • Use #DW24 in all tweets, add #intranet, #esn and/or #digitalworkplace where appropriate (other hashtags welcome, too!)
  • Add Twitter handle of speakers to tweets when available
  • Take & tweet plenty of screenshots during the event
  • Tweet your opinion and constructive feedback next to stats and facts
  • Share on other platforms of your choice.

If you would like to be a Tweeter in Residence, please let @DWG know.

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