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Digital Workplace 24 is over for 2015 – Thanks for joining!

Innovation spotlight sponsors

Be inspired by the most exciting tools and
features from leading software vendors

DW24 Innovation Spotlight sponsors - example from ThoughtFarmer
  • Discover cutting-edge functionality
  • See beyond industry goliaths
  • Explore the art of the possible
  • Catch up with industry innovations
  • Find solutions you may need

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Software vendors: See sponsorship package or reserve a sponsorship slot

Sponsors: in the Innovation Spotlight


Spotlight: Simple intranet software

Jostle - simple intranet software

Jostle is the creator of a new kind of intranet that is designed to help leaders engage their workforce. Its elegance and relevance yield exceptional participation rates – exceeding five times industry standards. Jostle’s intranet is turnkey, cloud-based, and requires no IT resources to maintain. For more information contact info@jostle.me.

Innovation Spotlight for Hour 5

Jostle website · @JostleMe · Tel: 1-604-566-9520 or 1-888-567-8538

Bonzai Intranet for SharePoint

Spotlight: Pre-built Intranet for SharePoint & Office 365

Bonzai - Pre-built Intranet for SharePoint & Office 365

Bonzai is a beautiful, pre-built intranet that draws business value out of your SharePoint or Office 365 investment by providing the core functionality needed by most organizations, without the complexity, cost and risk associated with a custom-built solution. The intuitive design is feature rich (News, Events, Directories, Marketplace and more), easy to use, fast to turn on, and comes with the flexibility to make it your own.

Innovation Spotlight for Hour 7

Bonzai Intranet website · @BonzaiIntranet · Tel: +1 (604) 599-8070

Interact Intranet

Spotlight: It’s all about me – the transformation of users to consumers

Interact - It’s all about me – the transformation of users to consumers

Trust is no longer just something C-Level give to employees but something received from employees. Those employees have stopped wanting a user experience and instead a consumer experience that includes individually targeted content and connections. Interact, the intelligent intranet software provider, discuss the changing culture of the global workplace with Sport England, who will show a live tour of their Interact-based intranet.

Innovation Spotlight for Hour 3

Interact website · @IntranetExperts · Tel: +44 (0)161 927 3222 or +1 646 564 5775


Spotlight: A contextual, single-screen experience of your apps

Harmon.ie - seamless integration in the digital workplace

harmon.ie provides a powerful suite of products that empower the digital workplace. An established global company serving thousands of enterprise customers, harmon.ie helps organizations increase their return on cloud-based application and service investments, increasing information workers’ focus by bringing multiple cloud services into one contextual, single-screen, personal experience across mobile devices and desktop computers.

Innovation Spotlight for Hour 9

harmon.ie website · @Teamharmonie · Tel: +1 800-624-6946 or +44 1753 722235


Spotlight: An intranet you’ll actually like

Igloo - An intranet you'll actually like

Igloo is an intranet you’ll actually like. What truly sets us apart is not our cool features (like file sharing, social newsfeeds, tasks, team calendars, blogs and wikis), but our impressive customizability. Not only can you completely transform your Igloo to look like your company, but reorganizing a department space is as easy as drag-and-drop. IDC ranked Igloo #1 in customer experience for a reason. Try Igloo for free today.

Innovation Spotlight for Hour 4

Igloo website · @IglooSoftware · Tel: +1 519 489 4120


Spotlight: The easiest way to a vibrant intranet

ThoughtFarmer - The easiest way to a vibrant intranet

ThoughtFarmer makes it simple to communicate with your people. We deliver social intranet software that looks like you: lively, friendly, and helpful. ThoughtFarmer provides standard intranet features like homepage news and a hierarchical site navigation, while offering a thoroughly social experience. Use it to easily create a rich, inviting digital environment where information and community can thrive.

Innovation Spotlight for Hour 6

ThoughtFarmer website · @ThoughtFarmer · Tel: +1-888-694-3999


Spotlight: Disrupting the speed and economics of taking your business mobile

Capriza - Disrupting the speed and economics of taking your business mobile

Capriza fundamentally disrupts the speed and economics of taking existing business applications mobile. Capriza’s code-less mobile application platform enables IT and lines of business to mobile-enable critical business workflows in a matter of days with zero coding, zero APIs, and zero upgrades. The solution is applicable for packaged applications such as SAP, Oracle, and PeopleSoft, as well as custom built solutions. Capriza extends the capability of these applications, in a simple, elegant way, onto any smartphone, tablet or desktop.

Innovation Spotlight for Hour 1 and Hour 8

Capriza website · @Capriza · Tel: +1 (650) 600-3660


Spotlight: The intranet-as-a-Service, uniting the enterprise

Unily - The intranet-as-a-service, uniting the enterprise

We understand the need to drive Return On Investment (ROI) from technology. We believe that Intranets are about people and that great ROI happens when you create an easy to use, exceptional digital workplace that enables people to collaborate and share. Unily utilizes the best of Microsoft technology to deliver a seamless Intranet experience. The combination of amazing experiences, platform features and continued customer success, ensures all our customers see extraordinary ROI. If you’re looking for a cost effective, yet unbelievably great new Intranet that your users will love, then Discover Unily Today.

Innovation Spotlight for Hour 2

Unily website · @weareunily · Tel: US: +1 888 777-6850 UK: +44(0)1483 239 240

Sponsorship: Stand in the Innovation Spotlight

“Innovation Spotlight” sponsor concept: Intranet and digital workplace managers often end up in “technology blinders”, with their vision of what is possible limited to what the major software vendors provide (Microsoft, SAP, IBM, etc.).

Our Innovation Spotlight concept aims to demo for our audience leading examples of enterprise software that provide something different (and better) than that which the behemoths offer. We want to highlight the art of the possible and inspire digital workplace managers to aspire for innovation and disruption.

Sponsor one primetime hour during DW24: Digital Workplace 24 is an extraordinary 24-hour live global event. Each hour features a live tour of one of the world’s best digital workplaces (intranets, collaboration, social enterprise, unified communications – and the occasional robot!) and a TED-like presentation from an industry thought leader.

DWG is offering 14 one-hour Innovation Spotlight sponsorship slots for DW24, all of them in the primetime hours of the show during Europe and North American business hours. Each sponsorship slot includes the components listed in the table below.

Reach a global, passionate buying audience

  • Target audience: Intranet and digital workplace managers in organizations of all sizes around the world.
  • Globally convenient: The free, online, 24-hour format provides a full business day of primetime viewing to people in every time zone.
  • Historic registration numbers: In both 2013 and 2011 we had over 1,500 registrants. This likely equated to at least 2,000 total viewers as many people brought together teams to watch DW24.
  • Hourly viewers & sample job titles: Vendors interested in sponsoring can request an Excel spreadsheet showing the number of tuned-in audience members for prime hours, and a sampling of participant job titles and companies from DW24 in 2013.
  • Departments commonly represented: Internal Communications, IT, HR, Knowledge Management.
  • Passionate viewers: Our audience is typically passionate about the topics of the show and sees DWG as an expert, objective voice.
  • 2015 target signups: We’re aiming for 3,000+ registrants in 2015, with a heavy focus on North America and Europe.
  • Long-term reach: We will record DW24 in its entirety, splice out the recording into session videos, and make them all available to 1,000 DWG Members and Digital Workplace Live Subscribers on our private extranet. This means the Innovation Spotlight segments will continue to make an impact long after the event is over.

Sponsorship package components

Component Details
Five minute live demo During the middle of the sponsored hour, a live demo by the sponsor or a customer focused on the most compelling functionality. The sponsor’s logo will also appear throughout the hour and on intro, conclusion and “housekeeping” slides. The DW24 hosts will also mention the sponsors throughout the hour.
Promo newsletter to 5,000+ mailing list Our mailing list is full of intranet and digital workplace professionals from organizations large and small around the world. We will send a special edition of our newsletter to this list, which lists our sponsors and provides compelling links and descriptions.
Logo, description, links and video on the DW24 webpage Sponsor logos with brief descriptions will appear on the DW24 landing page, which is typically the most trafficked webpage of the year on our website besides the homepage. A prominent “Sponsors” page will list each sponsor, provide a rich description, links to the sponsor’s social sites and webpage of choice, and show an embedded video of the sponsor’s choice.
Contact info for “opt-in” registrants Sponsors will get contact info for all registrants who check the box for “Allow Innovation Spotlight sponsors to contact me”.
Guest blog post: customer case study or thought leadership DWG will publish and promote a “thought leadership” or customer case study guest blog post by the sponsor, which we’ll share via social media channels. The blog post cannot be a “sales” piece, but will include information about the author and links to the sponsor’s website, Twitter account, etc.

Cost: $3750 USD (£2,400 | €3,000) for a one-hour Innovation Spotlight sponsorship.

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