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So. Many. Examples.

Intranets, collaboration, mobile and the wider digital workplace.

More than 500 intranet sites benchmarked

Whatever problems you face, we can point you in the right direction.

5.1 Live tours and member presentations

Tap into our unrivalled experience:

  • The recognized world leader in intranet evaluation
  • Creator of the first all-encompassing benchmarking standard
  • Best practice captured in our online knowledge base
  • We know who’s excelling and where to go for first-hand advice

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Documented case studies

Read the real stories about how other major companies are handling similar challenges.

5.2 Documented case studies

Just log-in as a member, it’s all there:

  • Regularly updated library of best-practice screenshots
  • Exclusive research and briefing papers, ready to download
  • Recordings of video tours and webinars
  • A full digest of industry and member news

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Honest, confidential sharing

Extensive opportunities to hear the unadorned truth from experienced peers.

5.3 Honest confidential sharing

When members meet, things get interesting:

  • Find out what other intranet teams are doing at our regular member meetings
  • Share your problems and experiences over our private Yammer network
  • Keep abreast of industry developments through our online Knowledge Exchanges
  • Join the discussion in our monthly live broadcasts

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