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Episode: 55

How to work – when (pretty much) everyone’s at home

How to work – when (pretty much) everyone’s at home

“This potentially presents an opportunity to move the culture forward in terms of empathy, transparency and the way that people can work together. I think it’s a chance to take stock and to really think about who you are as an organization and how you want to be working together as a community.”

– Steve Bynghall, DWG

Working from home is increasingly becoming a forced necessity rather than a personal choice around the world. Not only is home working a new experience for many people, the circumstances in which they are working and living are unprecedented.

Joining Paul Miller are Shimrit Janes, Director of Knowledge; Steve Bynghall, Knowledge and Research Lead; and Andrea Brant, Account Manager, all from DWG. Together they discuss ways in which remote working can be approached from an individual, team and organizational level; how this crisis has the potential to change company culture; and what opportunities there may be for work in the wake of COVID-19.

Show notes, links and resources for this episode:
Rapid response remote working – 12 week support program
Understanding the relationship between organizational culture and the digital workplace


Andrea Brant, Group Manager, Digital Communication Channels, Adobe

Andrea Brant, Account Manager, DWG

Andrea Brant, an account manager at DWG, is passionate about optimizing employees’ digital experiences. Prior to joining DWG, Andrea worked for Adobe for nearly 20 years. Most recently she led Adobe’s Digital Communication Channels team, driving the strategy for and implementation of Adobe’s internal digital communications channels to improve employee communication and collaboration, and increase executive transparency for Adobe’s 20,000+ employees worldwide. Adobe’s intranet, Inside Adobe, was a Nielsen Norman Group 2015 Intranet Design Annual Winner and received Honourable Mention in DWG’s 2014 My Beautiful Intranet.

Steve Bynghall, Research & Knowledge Lead, DWG

Steve Bynghall is an independent digital workplace consultant and writer. He is Research & Knowledge Lead at DWG, where he works as a research associate, author, benchmarker and consultant. Steve also works with a number of other organizations, including Step Two and CMSWire. He recently co-founded Spark Trajectory, a training and consulting company helping intranet and digital workplace teams. Steve is based in London, UK.

Shimrit Janes, Director of Knowledge, DWG

Shimrit Janes is Director of Knowledge at DWG. Shimrit works with DWG members to help them harness the full depth and breadth of DWG’s knowledge base, connecting them with research, good practice examples, and with each other. Shimrit is also a researcher and consultant for DWG, working with DWG members, clients and colleagues across a range of digital workplace, intranet, and Nature of Work topics.

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