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Innovating, exploring and evolving the digital worlds of work for the 2020s and beyond

The DWG Institute brings together organizations, technology providers and experts to share knowledge, ideas and perspectives securely and confidentially, to significantly improve and reimagine the way we work today and in the future.

Organizations using (or looking to use) enterprise technology can collaborate, investigate and learn with workplace technology providers through a range of events and research, as well as innovative services accessible via DWG membership.

The essential workplace

The DWG Institute was founded in January 2020 as a safe space where organizations using enterprise technology could come together with a diverse range of workplace technology providers – anchored by DWG’s 17-year programme of the world’s most authoritative and useful research. We sensed (and saw) that a confidential environment of interaction, learning and relationship could grow between organizations, providers and experts within the DWG Institute.

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Forthcoming events

Please see our DWG Open Events page for details of all forthcoming sessions that you can register for.

Past events

Read blog posts and view recordings from past DWG Institute events:

March 4, 2021 Technology Exchange
Microsoft 365: Using Beezy to create an optimised employee experience with Teams, Viva and third party integrations

January 26, 2021 Technology Exchange
How Walmart uses Adobe’s consumer grade technology in its workplace

September 2020 Technology Lab
Digital Employee Experience (DEX) in transition – 8 key takeaways from September’s Technology Lab
Beezy’s perspectives on digital employee experience and the intelligent workplace
Workgrid’s perspectives on digital workplace experience and managing change

August 2020 Technology Exchange
Technology-driven behavioural change – 7 key takeaways from August’s Technology Exchange

July 2020 Technology Lab
Digital Workplace acceleration – 8 key takeaways from July’s Technology Lab
Intranets now and in the future – insights from Valo
Bridging the gaps in Sharepoint – insights from Beezy

May 2020 Technology Exchange
Hilti’s global intranet; a deep dive into the Beezy intranet platform

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