The best enterprise search diagram you’ve ever seen

Intranet and digital workplace sages have been describing the complex nature of search for years now. But never before have all the contributing factors to good search been captured so elegantly in one visual representation. The diagram in this article is part of our new research report, Intranet Search: A holistic approach to management. [one_half]…

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The 7 levels of HR integration into the intranet

HR systems and content have always played a central role on intranets, but it’s time to move towards real, productive integration that realizes the true potential of digital workplaces. This article lists the seven common stages of HR integration with the intranet and provides a simple self-rating framework. Integration is the latest big trend among…

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6 digital workplace trends from recent Intranet Innovation Awards

The annual  Intranet Innovation Awards show how intranets and digital workplaces are evolving. This post gives six observations on themes such as mobility, social tools and the value of integrating systems. It also includes information on how to enter the 2015 Awards. The Intranet Innovation Awards In my line of work, I’m lucky enough to…

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How to develop an HR content strategy for your intranet – Webinar May 5th

On this webinar Wells Fargo shares its HR content strategy model for the intranet, plus Elizabeth Lupfer, founder of the The Social Workplace, shares insights on HR intranets and employee engagement.

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6 trends in healthcare digital workplace strategies

2014 was the year when the term “digital workplace” broke into the common vernacular for relevant industries and roles. One area where we’ve seen some shining examples is the healthcare industry.

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Webinar: How Mayo Clinic’s award-winning intranet leverages user personas

Webinar summary: On the January 6th episode of Digital Workplace Live see the Mayo Clinic’s award-winning intranet and the persona-driven user experience design behind it. Show topic: The Mayo Clinic’s award-winning intranet and the persona-driven user experience design behind it. Date & time: Tues, Jan 6th | 11:00 New York-EST · 16:00 London-GMT Access: Guests…

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Intranet usability: 4 data analysis steps for card sorting exercises

See a real-world analysis of card sorting results, based on an honest look at DWG’s own website. This key usability technique should be an important part of all intranet programmes. In my blog post on tree testing task analysis we found a couple of problems with our website navigation structure. 15% of people failed to…

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6 intranet usability truths that are magnified on smaller (mobile) screens

Most of the rules of intranet usability apply to mobile intranets and apps as well – but some of these rules have magnified importance and this article explains why. Autumn (or “Fall” for my US colleagues) is upon us folks and it’s already my sixth usability blog post in this series. So I feel compelled…

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5 tips for setting up an intranet card sort online

As you know, I’m a big fan of tree testing and have written some previous blog posts on the subject (how to set up tree testing and how to analyse tree testing results). But I don’t want card sorting to be left on the virtual shelf. It’s also a really useful technique for improving usability….

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The 4 big mistakes of stakeholder engagement for intranets & digital workplaces

Stakeholder engagement sounds like a boring, wonky word, but it is in fact central to success in intranet and digital workplace projects. This article explains the main mistakes of stakeholder engagement and offers related solutions. Stakeholder engagement… is everything! “Stakeholder engagement” sounds like a business wonky word that doesn’t mean much of anything. I might…

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5 intranet accessibility myths and how to address them

Many intranet and digital workplace managers either consider accessibility irrelevant or mistake their inadequate efforts as exemplary. This article explains the most common myths of intranet accessibility and simple ways to address them. I know that in my last article I said the next post would be about card sorting, but we’re still waiting for…

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What do infant car seats have to do with social intranets?

Winner of My Beautiful Intranet 2014, Dorel Juvenile, makes top safety-rated car seats for children. Employees rally around a compelling mission, which the company’s social intranet helps to amplify. See a live tour of this intranet on October 7th. Letter from Dorel Juvenile customer: “We purchased the CabrioFix car seat prior to having our daughter…

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