Intranet teams are being given increasing responsibility for engagement beyond the firewall and they have flourished during the recession while corporate website budgets have been cut… The corporate website starts to look like the marketing brochures of the past: meeting a need but no more.

Wherever you start, demonstrating the value of the intranet is certainly coming to the fore in the current climate. Intranet managers can take encouragement from the recent Watson Wyatt survey which found that since the start of the economic slump 72% of employers have increased intranet use, signalling an acknowledgement of how the intranet can help (and again emphasising the importance of being able to make sure this is recognised at senior levels).

Listening to members at the recent Metrics SIG, everyone appreciated that it is important to understand what intranet success means but not everyone had measures in place to demonstrate this success. It was also agreed that without metrics it is difficult to demonstrate the value of the intranet or to prioritise resources.