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Expertise rooted in success as practitioners

Combining industry knowledge with a broad range of client experience, our global team is dedicated to helping organizations achieve digital workplace solutions that deliver significant results

We value having experts with practical, hands-on experience managing advanced intranets. Our evaluators and researchers have held key roles at the BBC, Boots, BT, Bupa, Fidelity, France Telecom, HSBC, JPMorgan Chase, Oxfam, Sara Lee, Syngenta, T-Mobile, Thomson Reuters and Unilever.

Paul Miller, DWG Founder and CEO

Paul Miller has been at the heart of the work and technology revolution for 20 years. He is CEO and Founder of the Digital Workplace Group (DWG), co-author of ‘The Digital Renaissance of Work – Delivering Digital Workplaces Fit for the Future‘ (Gower 2014) and author of ‘The Digital Workplace: How Technology is Liberating Work‘ (TECL 2012).

He has given many inspirational keynote talks on the digital future of work including Microsoft, Google, Adobe, Wells Fargo and Oxford University. He is a Judge and Mentor for the Duke of York iDEA (Inspiring Digital Enterprise Awards) 2015. For five years he hosted pioneering internet radio show Digital Workplace Live and IBF Live and was Executive Producer of 24 hour global experiences IBF24 and DW24.

He was Founder and CEO of communications company The Empowerment Group, Publisher and Editor of social and digital innovation magazine Wave and in pre-internet days Co-founder of the Ideas Cafe salon. Paul was also one of the leaders of the innovative “Fathers and Daughters Weekends”.

He lives in London and the Cotswolds.

Follow Paul on Twitter @paulmillersays

Helen Day, Group Managing Director

Helen is responsible for the management and development of the Digital Workplace Group of businesses. Her role includes chairing DWG member meetings in the UK and Europe and developing business strategy along with our customers. She also has overall responsibility for service delivery, team development and core functions such as Finance and IT.

Helen started with DWG as a benchmarker of global member intranets and author of research reports in the areas of communication, strategy and governance. Prior to this, she worked for the UK-based pharmacy chain Boots the Chemists for 14 years, setting up the organization’s first intranet and becoming Group Intranet Manager in the 1990s. She led a project to consolidate seven business intranets – some international – and to roll-out a new group-wide CMS and portal. She also managed a site-wide redesign, which included delivering key intranet content to Boots stores through a point-of-sale interface. Helen won the International Information Industry Award for ‘Best Intranet Project’ in 2004 and was runner-up for the European Information Professional of the Year Award in 2005.

Helen loves working in the flexible digital workplace – mostly from her loft in Nottingham, England – and liaising with colleagues and DWG clients worldwide through the cloud. When not working, she spends much of her time renovating a 1930s house to its former glory and learning how to use all the food its orchard garden produces.

Follow Helen on Twitter @helenday

Nancy Goebel, Managing Director, Membership & Strategic Partnerships

Nancy GoebelNancy Goebel is the Digital Workplace Group’s Managing Director, Member & Benchmarking Services. In addition to leading service delivery and member engagement, Nancy is also responsible for global expansion.

During her tenure with DWG, Nancy has been involved in account management, benchmarking, research, blogging and executive producing Digital Workplace Live and DW24. She has also been responsible for the global expansion of DWG’s Member Forum.

Prior to joining the Digital Workplace Group, Nancy was an accomplished executive at JPMorgan Chase where she built and led a global team in designing and implementing an award-winning intranet. She also led digital enablement and business re-engineering initiatives.

Outside work, Nancy is an enthusiastic wine maker, fundraiser, meditator, wife and mother of two.

Follow Nancy on Twitter @nancyatdwg

Elizabeth Marsh, Director of Research

In her role as Director of Research at the Digital Workplace Group, Elizabeth is responsible for the management and development of the research programme. Now in its tenth year, and with a library of 60+ reports, DWG’s in-depth, case study based research is a trusted source that helps members drive their intranet and digital workplace agenda.

Elizabeth recently co-authored ‘The Digital Renaissance of Work: delivering digital workplaces fit for the future’ with DWG’s CEO, Paul Miller which provides a roadmap for digital workplace practitioners. She regularly blogs and speaks at industry events.

She brings over ten years of experience in the fields of intranet and knowledge management to her role in DWG. Her career has included intranet management roles at T-Mobile and Reuters, with broad-ranging responsibilities including community management, internal communications and research.

When not busy in the digital workplace, Elizabeth enjoys playing the flute with local orchestras and running.

Steve Bynghall, Research & Knowledge Lead, Benchmarker, Consultant

Steve is a research and knowledge lead across the Digital Workplace Group of businesses.

He has produced several best practice reports, is a regular blogger and provides knowledge management services to DWG and Digital Workplace Forum members.

Steve is also one of DWG’s benchmarking team, specializing in the areas of collaboration, strategy and governance. He researched and was the content producer for Paul Miller’s book ‘The Digital Workplace: How Technology is Liberating Work ’.

Steve launched and managed the global client extranet programme at BDO, the fifth largest accounting network in the world. During his 13 years there, he played an integral part in two major intranet reiterations, as well as launching a number of other knowledge-related platforms. Steve has recently co-written a book on crowdsourcing with Ross Dawson.

Steve is passionate about being able to work from anywhere, and is occasionally seen in Starbucks with his trusty laptop. When not working, Steve can be found exploring London with his family.

Follow Steve on Twitter @bynghall

Louise Kennedy, User Experience Consultant, Consultant

Louise is a lead usability evaluator, having benchmarked many member intranets and corporate internet sites.

A web usability specialist, Louise has conducted benchmarking, requirements-gathering, user surveys and testing for a range of international clients and managed the roll-out of large web projects, from CMS selection and implementation to creating and enforcing standards and guidelines. She has also written DWG briefing papers on findability topics. Her past clients include the BBC, Syngenta, PUMA and 3M.

Louise loves the mountains and has been known to take conference calls whilst tied to the rock face. She can often be found on a new indoor climbing wall installed at her office in Somerset, England, where she keeps fit in between scheduling benchmark evaluations and writing emails.

Chris Tubb, Benchmarking Lead, Consultant

Chris Tubb is an independent intranet and digital workplace consultant, who lives in Brighton.

For the Digital Workplace Group (DWG) he is a strategy consultant, lead benchmarker and a member of the research team.

Working with intranets since 1996, in and out of IT and Communications departments, Chris was formerly responsible for intranet strategy and architecture at Orange SA and France Telecom Group.

He occasionally twitters @christubb

Andrew Marr, Benchmarking Lead

Andrew is a benchmarking evaluator specializing in intranet management areas such as strategy, governance, communication and collaboration. He has also authored DWG research papers on enterprise adoption of social and collaborative tools, the use of taxonomies and folksonomies, and managing risk in the digital workplace. Andrew is passionate about understanding how people work with technology and how their experience of the digital workplace can be improved.

Andrew has specialized in internet and intranet development for over ten years. He is an independent consultant, with experience in the insurance, publishing, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. Before joining DWG he was responsible for intranet strategy and development at the UK-based healthcare provider, Bupa, where he implemented a number of pioneering social and collaboration initiatives.

Outside work, Andrew is a husband, a father of two boys, and loves flying aircraft of any description.

Stella Watts, Benchmarker

Stella Watts, Benchmarker for the Digital Workplace Group (DWG)Stella served her apprenticeship implementing content management systems for internet and intranet sites at major league organizations such as Clifford Chance, Vodafone and TNT – all the while putting user experience and sector best practice at the heart of her work.

For the past five years she has been an independent consultant engaged in user testing, benchmarking, project oversight and usability research for a diverse client list. Asked to encapsulate her IA wisdom in just 25 pages she somehow succeeded.

Connect with Stella on Twitter: @StellaWatts

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