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Meet Lou: globetrotting User Experience expert

Lou Kennedy Digital Workplace GroupLouise (Lou) Kennedy has worked as a freelancer for DWG for the past 6 years. “I love the flexibility it provides me to work on great projects for high profile clients whilst also being free to enjoy my passion of the outdoors and particularly [rock] climbing.”

A web usability specialist, Lou has conducted benchmarking, requirements-gathering, user surveys and testing for a range of international clients. She has also managed the roll-out of large web projects, from CMS selection and implementation to creating and enforcing standards and guidelines. Her past clients include the BBC, Syngenta, PUMA and 3M. At DWG Lou is a lead usability benchmarker and a lead usability consultant, work that keeps her on the go.

Lou finds the team at DWG to be “really supportive and you really can work anywhere”. Lou wasn’t built to sit at a desk all day. She enjoys the flexibility to say to colleagues “I’m climbing right now and am sitting on a belay ledge but I’m also still able to have a client call.”

“You are truly valued for the person that you are, your expertise and skills but you’re not expected to be tied to a computer.”

On being herself at work

A core value at DWG is to be flexible in its approach to working methods and to encourage the team to fulfill their personal goals too.

“I feel very lucky to have the best of both worlds. I don’t need to spend time hunting for work and good clients. I can concentrate on enjoying my free time, climbing hard and using devices to connect to my colleagues and get work done wherever I am in the world and whatever my situation: on the side of a cliff, in a pub with good wifi or at home in the mountains.”

“A unique company that really does take an interest in what you want to do, what you want to work on and how you want to live. A very rare thing indeed – some companies promise this but I’ve never met one that has delivered like DWG.”

Lou Kennedy Digital Workplace Group - flexible working

Take a client call from a belay ledge? Not a problem for Lou!

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