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Why work with DWG

Since 2002 the Digital Workplace Group has been helping the world’s largest companies improve their digital workplaces. We implement our unique and visionary business through a global team of experienced employees and freelance contractors who work when and how they need to.

Flexibility to work how you want

Elizabeth Marsh flexible working Digital Workplace Group

Do you need to join that important web meeting? Yes. But work from 9-5 Monday through Friday? That’s your call. You’ll do your best work where you’re comfortable and at DWG everyone from our CEO to our web editor work from wherever they work best.

A respectful, results-focused team

Helen and Mark working together -  Digital Workplace Group

We’re all grown-ups and professionals. Each of us has a job to do and we bring the needed skills and experience. We’re accountable to our teams and our project commitments, but exactly how you deliver good results is up to you.

Impacting the largest organizations in the world

Paul talking Digital Workplace Group

Our almost-exclusive emphasis on very large organizations gives us focused expertise. Improve the digital workplace for just one client and you can directly impact hundreds of thousands of people. Not bad for a day’s work.

A change from corporate life

Lou K working Digital Workplace Group

DWG is a boutique firm with a unique business model and culture. Be professional and do a good job, but forget about the impersonal “mechanical” workings of many corporate environments. You can be yourself at work – we all try to be.

An alternative to big consultancies

Cheryl and Ephraim Digital Workplace Group

DWG has a strong focus, a clear target market and high standards. Most of our team come from practitioner backgrounds, having managed digital workplaces for large organizations. Turning a profit is essential, but there’s more to what we do than billable hours.

Join DWG in leading the digital renaissance of work

DWG is a privately owned, entrepreneurial, and highly innovative consulting and membership company.

For over a decade, we’ve been helping major organizations transform their digital workplaces towards more human-centred and empowering environments.

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Example consultant profiles

Lou Kennedy Digital Workplace Group


User Experience

“You are truly valued for the person that you are, your expertise and skills but you’re not expected to be tied to a computer.”

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Chris Tubb Digital Workplace Group consultant



“Working with DWG not only gets me working with top flight corporate clients from around the world but also I do virtually everything from home.”

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Working at DWG

Five reasons why working with DWG is a special opportunity:

  • Flexibility to work how you want
  • A respecting, results-focused team
  • Impact the largest organizations
  • A change from corporate life
  • An alternative to big consultancies

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Learn and explore the new digital world of work.
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