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Vinarco, our intranet is helping us to move to a paperless system, increasing efficiency and productivity within the business. We are in the early stages, but our Interact Intranet is enabling us to move away from internal email to a more transparent way of communicating and eliminating Excel forms is helping us to avoid duplications and versions conflict. The intranet is a shared resource that facilitates intuitive collaboration; users will be able to access key forms on the intranet easily, as well as supporting users in their training and progression by giving easy access to knowledge and tutorials. Other key functionality that our Interact Intranet provides: We are a recruitment company so we have an RSS feed of new Cv’s on job sites

  • Room and resource booking
  • Absence and sickness management
  • A company support desk
  •  News updates (both internal and industry)
  •  Easy document storage
  •  Access to key company information and policies and procedures
  • Promotes the organisation's culture and values to our employees

Entry from:

Name: Rachasak Phanumphai
Company or organization: Vinarco

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