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Arthur was launched in May 2013, bringing together over 1,100 staff located in 91 global offices and centres.  Arthur is a collaborative space combining publishing and online sharing, with work-related content, a staff directory, news, communities, forums, blogs, and social features including commenting and ‘liking’.  Arthur’s home-page news feed has tailored content driven by employee self-selecting groups as well as office location news.  The home-page also has a top ten (based on number of likes and how new the item is) – which creates a bit of healthy competition! The concept is based around ACCA’s first president, Arthur Priddle, who set the values we still live by today, nearly 110 years later. There is a cartoon Arthur at the top of each page, complete with turn-of-the-century moustache for good measure. It is run on software developed by ThoughtFarmer.

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Name: Sarah Moffatt
Company or organization: ACCA

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  1. Lucia Real Martin

    Arthur is extremely useful for staff based remotely and in different time zones so that we can have access 24 / 7 to information and colleagues best practices through our intranet – everything is easy accessible and as we are a knowledge rich organisation, the complexity of our knowledge is very well articulated in Arthur.

    We love Arthur and we think his moustache is beautiful!

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